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WCMS holds tryouts
WCMS ballplayer Caden Beaty has the rock and Ashton Forth defends during WCMS basketball tryouts Monday.

With March Madness behind us and the NBA still ongoing, basketball has a long season.
In Warren County, the 2017-18 WCHS Pioneers are on the books as varsity tryouts are over, and the WCMS boys basketball tryouts started Monday with the girls to follow Wednesday and Thursday.
Along with some returning WCMS players, there are new student-athletes coming in from the elementary level. This upcoming year also brings with it a new coaching staff after the departure of last-season’s head coach Isaiah Phillips who takes over as Franklin County High School’s head coach next year.
The coaching staff responsible for WCMS’s boys basketball are longtime Eastside coach Kevin Burnett, who will be the varsity coach, J.T. Morgan is the seventh-grade JV coach, and Justin Adcock comes on board at the sixth grade coach.
Together, they plan on working to shape and molding new players to follow up last season’s unbeaten conference record by the Pioneer varsity team into the next step for the squad.
“It’s exciting and a great opportunity,” said coach Burnett about leading the team. “I’m really looking forward to us all working together to put the best team on the court as possible.”
Burnett plans on working closely with the high school coach Chris Sullens to find out if there’s anything schematically involving plays the team can work on to prepare the players for their own next step to the high school level.
“We will teach the fundamentals,” Burnett said. “But there may be some plays the high school would like upcoming players to be familiar with and we can help by working some of those plays in with our own game plan.”