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WCMS falls in home opener
WCMS football - Oswaldo Duenas.jpg

The WCMS Pioneers fell 24-8 in their first home game of the season Thursday against Jasper Middle School.

With the yard lines finally painted at Nunley Stadium, Pioneer fans were excited to see the first official game on our home turf.

Early on, WC defender Oswaldo Duenas made many tackles to keep the Jasper Warriors back. However, the Warriors weren’t an easy force to contain as they made first down after first down. Early on, the Warriors scored a touchdown and 2-point conversion on the Pioneers to lead 8-0.

Now with the ball, the Pioneers started at their own 10-yard line making it a long road before getting a touchdown. Luckily, the quick-footed Dylan Aguilar gained a big WC first down near the 50-yard line, making up a lot of ground. QB Kristopher Robledo recovered a fumble to keep control and the first quarter ended with the Pioneers at second down.

Robledo started the second quarter with a first down of his own, but the Pioneers couldn’t gain any more yards leaving them to punt. WC was strong on defense here with Aguilar and Lex Winfree both making tackles leaving Jasper with fourth down.

The Warriors and Pioneers went back and forth with possession with both teams fumbling and making good defensive plays. Peyton Ray, Ivan Pennington and Garret Mitchell were especially strong making some impressive tackles for Warren County.

The third quarter would prove difficult for the Pioneers as they started by receiving the kickoff and quickly lost possession thanks to Jasper’s defense recovering a fumble. Soon after on the Warriors’ fourth down, Pioneer Gavin Looper knocked the ball out of the way to stop the drive.

However, Jasper’s defense responded with an interception and this led to the team’s second TD and conversion, 16-0.

In the fourth quarter, Jasper would continue this streak with another touchdown, leaving the Pioneers behind 24-0 with just over a minute left.

Receiving the kickoff at their own 41-yard line, the Pioneers had a lot of ground to make up. After an incomplete pass on second down, Robledo ran the ball to get a first down.

He followed this up immediately with another first down at the 18-yard line.

Winfree then received the ball from the quarterback and stormed his way through two Jasper defenders to score a Pioneer touchdown as the crowd erupted.

Jakoby Odineal scored the conversion, but the Pioneers lost 24-8.