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WCMS, Coffee County play to a draw
WCMS soccer - Maci McBride.jpg
Maci McBride travels down the field past Coffee County’s defense. The Lady Pioneers started strong with a 2-1 lead in the first half, but some improved defense by the Lady Raiders led to a tie game, 2-2.
WCMS soccer - Addison Steakley.jpg
Lady Pioneer Addison Steakley deflects the ball from a goal kick. Steakley was a strong forward against Coffee County on Monday and scored a difficult goal. Warren and Coffee County tied 2-2 with WC taking a lead in the first half. - photo by Taylor Moore

The WCMS Lady Pioneers played tough against Coffee County on Monday and almost took home the win, but the Lady Raiders scored a late-game goal to tie 2-2. 

Early on, Coffee County started hot with one of their strikers making a fast break to the goal. Luckily, her shot was off to the right keeping them from taking an early lead.

Chloe Wanamaker played a great striker by staying open and keeping the ball on Warren County’s offensive side. As Coffee’s defense was trying to kick the ball away from their goal, Wanamaker deflected the ball very well. She continued being an offensive threat as she got close to the goal many times with the ball.

In the first half, she shot the ball which looked like it was blocked by the goalkeeper, but the ball escaped the goalie’s hands and slowly rolled across the goal line, giving WCMS a 1-0 lead. Not too long after, Coffee made one of its goal attempts to tie 1-1.

Emory MacDonald played smart in the middle making great defensive moves and going for some long shots with her strong kick. CC attempted another goal flying past Warren’s defense, but the goal was no good as it hit the crossbar. Goalie Kylie Swarthout didn’t make it easy on the Lady Raiders either as she caught many of the shots taken and recovered well from missed opportunities.

Toward the end of the first half, strong forward Addison Steakley got a hold of the ball. Out of nowhere, she dribbled around Coffee’s defense weaving through them seamlessly to score another Pioneers goal. WC took a 2-1 lead going into the second half.

The second half would prove tougher for the Lady Pioneers as they couldn’t even gain control; they were on defense a lot for the first 10 minutes. Eventually, Warren regained control where they had a few corner kicks to make a shot.

However, with a goal filled with Lady Raiders, all attempts were stopped against the Lady Pioneers. Coffee’s winger, who had taken many shots in the game that were often too high, made a goal with only 5 minutes left in the game. This put pressure on both Warren and Coffee to keep from ending in a draw.

Maci McBride made a break for the goal shortly after and took a clean shot, but the ball unfortunately hit the upright of the goal and ricocheted away. The Lady Pioneers couldn’t recover it to make a goal, but they were awarded another corner kick with only 20 seconds left.

Coffee immediately kicked it out again to run the clock down, and the two ended in a tie 2-2.