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WCHS tennis
Jorge Sifuentes
Jeffery Simmons photo Jorge Sifuentes battled to a tiebreaker victory over DeKalb County's Justin Washer Tuesday. The Pioneers fell 5-4 to the visiting Tigers, but the Lady Pioneers won for the third straight match.

WCHS vs. DeKalb County
Match played Tuesday, April 10

Lady Pioneers win 7-2

Rachel Stewart def. Faith Judkins, 8-0
Mary-Ella Lee def. Catherine Coplinger, 8-0
Beth Vaughn def. Marline Coromilla, 8-0
Haliegh Arnold def. Hannah McBride, 9-8
Daisy Hernandez def. Mary St. Clair, 8-4
Randi Apple def. Shelby Claiborne, 8-3

Stewart/Lee def. Coplinger/Belk, 8-1
Vaughn/Arnold def. Judkins/Coromilla, 8-4
McBride/Claiborne def. St. Clair/Apple, 8-2

Pioneers fall 5-4

Dalton Bates def. Lana Davis , 8-3
Ethan Cantrell def. Briley Bolding, 8-5
Eli Cantrell def. Benjamin Campos, 8-1
Brad Caten def. Dawson Medlen, 8-2
Garrett Hayes def. Ryan Salaman, 8-4
Jorge Sifuentes def. Justin Washer, 9-7

Davis/Cantrell def. Bates/Bolding, 8-1
Cantrell/Medlin def. Campos/Caten, 8-6
Salaman/Sifuentes def. Trail/Snipes, 8-3