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Tree City remains unbeaten in City League
John Brock Tree City on Mound 6-1.jpg
John Brock delievers a pitch Tuesday for Tree City Realty.

Tree City Realty continued its winning streak Tuesday night at the Dottie West Field. Rain slightly delayed the game that was close between Tree City Realty and Moose Lodge 172 for the first couple of innings, but Tree City built a commanding 8-2 lead at the top of the fourth. 

Moose Lodge attempted a rally in the bottom of the fourth, but came up short, 8-4.

Tree City Realty improved to 5-0 for the season, and Moose Lodge fell to 1-4. Tree City is in first place of the 11-12-year-old boys league.

Two big hits for Tree City were highlights in the game. Hayden Fults hit an in-the-park home run, and Carter Lee hit a triple. Both of these hits were in the fourth inning.

Moose Lodge was rallying against Tree City’s pitcher John Brock in the bottom of the fourth. Although he struggled with some walks, Brock ended the game with a strike out. The game was called in the fourth because of the time limit.


Tree City Realty head coach Zach Fults was pleased after the game with his team’s performance. Fults said, “In the later innings, you bring in other pitchers. Each pitcher can go six innings per week. We are 5-0. So far, so good. Pitching is our strength. It is a team effort. The key is to put two hands on the bat. That is my son, Hayden, who hit the home run. There is no lollygagging on this team.”

Tree City Realty assistant coach Bill Brock said, “We have 3-4 kids who have not played before. We are not the only ones with inexperience, but it is amazing how quickly they are picking up the game.”


Hayden Fults talked briefly about his home run, “I knew it was going to go far. I have hit it further before, but I knew when I hit this one, it was going to go far.”

Carter Lee was asked if he knew it was a good hit when he made contact. Lee replied, “Yes sir. I felt it. It was a little higher than the sweet spot, but it was still a pretty good hit. I got lucky because the guy didn’t get in front of it (to make the catch). A hit is a hit.”

John Brock went on the mound in the final inning for Tree City. Brock shared some thoughts of that inning, “I was stressed. I was a little upset with the ump. Umps make mistakes.”