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In their own words
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I think Glenn was the fastest player day in and day out.

We had some really outstanding players. Didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking a long run against us.

Glenn liked to have fun in practice. He could also lighten up a huddle with his enthusiasm in a game.

Monday was post-game workouts. We would line up on the 50-yard line and ran laps for 8 minutes, with a minute in between. That is when Glenn Powers and Jerry Lusk were lapping people like me.

Glenn never knew a stranger.

Pound-for-pound Glenn was the best athlete on that team. The thing about that team was the general camaraderie. It was fun. Mike Whiteaker’s dad would bring watermelon after practice. We would sit on that hill and enjoy our time together. You have to inject the fun with the work.

He was our quarterback and he was our leader. He did not accept defeat.


Question: Could Glenn run back away from the line of scrimmage, catch a football and outrun defenders?

Yes, I remember him doing that because he had so much speed.

He played cornerback on defense and quarterback on offense. He had great speed, and was an all-around good guy.

It was a good move making Glenn quarterback. He had the arm, and he had speed. A double threat.


I was blessed to have met him. I was blessed to have coached him. He made me a better man. I got more out of it than he did.

I was fortunate to come across when we had exceptional athletes.

Glenn could run a 4.4/4.3 40. It was unheard of. His second step was wide open. That was his advantage.

When we kicked off, Glenn he was the safety. He never came out of the game. He put the flags in and takes them out. When we punted, he stayed right there and let them come to him. No one ever got by him. He would catch them on defense. That is why we shut people out. It is hard to go 60 yards without a fumble, offsides and you learn that.

All the college scouts who came to our practices kept telling us that the two best teams in the state were Baylor and us. It was unfortunate that we had to meet Baylor in the first round of the playoffs.

He went to Ole Miss for a quarterback camp, and that is how they found out about him. Those camps are really recruiting tools. If you go out there and run a 4.3 40, you are going to be on their recruiting list. The boy could fly.

When they were loafing in sprints, I would tell them that they would have to run it again. Glenn would come in first. Curtis Lusk second. David Whittaker and then Jerry Lusk. We had people who could fly. If they did not come in that order, I knew somebody was loafing.

We scrimmaged Gallatin every year when they were one of the best teams in middle Tennessee. That year (1973) we scrimmaged them, their coach Calvin Short told me, “Well you’ve turned the corner. We can’t keep up with you.” That is the year we went 10-0.


All summer long, before the season, Glenn and I with other receivers would spend hours running routes and catching the ball from Glenn. He out-ran me backwards in a 60-yard dash. We raced and he outran me backwards and I was not a slow person.

We had two great running backs, Jerry and Curtis Lusk. The best all-around athlete was Glenn, and that is who you put at quarterback.

Pedro did not want to wear Glenn out against Baylor playing both ways, and that was the only game I started. I was a sad substitute for Glenn Powers, I’ll could tell you that right quick!

For us it was fun, and you could not see Glenn in a football game when he was not smiling or laughing about something, cutting up.


Glenn was our team leader. He won a lot of ball games for us.

Glenn and I went to someone before the season, and we told him that we would not play if Coach Paz was not our coach.

He had natural ability and he worked hard.

We were in shape. Coach Paz coached us to win in the fourth quarter, and we ran a lot. You were not on the team if you had not thrown up after running during practice. We had 13 seniors and almost all of us played both ways. We won a lot of games in the fourth quarter because we were in such good shape.

Glenn gave everything. He was a good captain.