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Tennis camp set for June 27-29
David Dunlap color

Tennis camp anyone?

Longtime tennis coach David Dunlap is holding a three-day tennis camp that’s open to children and adults later this month. The camp is scheduled for June 27-29, which is Monday thru Wednesday, at Milner Recreation Center.

“This camp will be a great opportunity to learn how to swing correctly,” said Dunlap. “Right now I’m giving lessons to a 6-year-old girl and two 9-year-old boys. They are really improving. The 6-yearold girl has shown some great improvement after just two lessons.”

The tennis camp schedule is as follows:

8 a.m. – ages 6-9 9 a.m. – ages 10-12 10 a.m. – ages 13-16

7 p.m. – adults Dunlap says about a dozen kids and two adults have already registered with the camp still more than two weeks away.

“It will be a great way to learn the basics for children and adults,” said Dunlap. “For the people who try it and love it, tennis is something they will never give up. It’s a sport you can play a lifetime.”

Dunlap says if sign-ups continue at a brisk pace, tennis camp will be like the good ole days when he would get 25-30 participants.

The registration fee is $60. To register, contact Dunlap at (931) 273-3635, or mail a check to Dunlap at 208 Donnell St reet , McMinnville, 37110.