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Swim team takes on Shelbyville
Baylee Connor.jpg
Ella Ming goes head first into the water during the early relay races. Ming partnered with Bailey Conner, Baylee Cooper and Isaac Stefanick on the 100-meter relay team for the 11-12 age group.

Gilley Pool was packed Monday as the McMinnville Swim Team opened its season with a matchup with Shelbyville. Local swimmers brought home 21 first-place finishes in the competition, which was the first for many for McMinnville’s team.

Coach Paige Northcutt has seen participation blow up, with her team featuring 107 swimmers this season. Over half (67) are under the age of 10 and Monday’s event was the first time competing for many.

“I thought it went really well, especially with having so many competing for the first time,” said Northcutt. “We have so many swimmers this year. It’s a great time for the team.”

Shelbyville claimed victory overall, beating McMinnville on the scorecards 344-226. It didn’t stop the local squad from having plenty of individual standouts though.

Lucy Mulligan had a big day, winning three individual events in the 8U girls division. She also was on the girls 100-meter freestyle relay team that won its heat. Mulligan teamed with Ellie Sutton, Kylie Morton and Sloan Youngblood in the relay.

Luke Caten was also a multi-winner, taking home the top spot in the 25 freestyle and breaststroke for the 8U boys.

Mitchell Caten and Jalyn Mart came away with just one top finish each, but with six top-three finishes combined. 

Mitchell was the top finisher in the 13-14 boys 50 free at 33.24 seconds, along with taking second in the 50 fly and 50 breaststroke. He also swam a leg on the 13-14 boys 100-meter freestyle relay, which the team won.

Mart showed why he’s one of the top fly swimmers in the state, winning with a time of 30.40, nearly two seconds better than second place. Mart was also second in the 100-meter individual medley and 50 free. He helped both the 15-and-up mixed team and boys team take second in relay races.

The McMinnville Swim Team will continue its busy week with a meet in Winchester Thursday. 

6U Girls

25m Free – Finley MacDonald, 1st, 33.06, Layla-Barrie Guthrie, 3rd, 37.39

25m back – Amelia Partin, 2nd, 40.54, Layla-Barrie Guthrie, 3rd, 43.04

6U boys

25m free – Vance Caten, 1st, 35.01, Lake Minton, 2nd, 36.43, Brody Chisam, 3rd, 37.18

25m back – Brody Chisam, 1st, 40.84, Braxton Wingate, 2nd, 42.68, Vance Caten, 3rd, 44.29


Mixed 100m Medley – Ellie Sutton, Luke Caten, Evelyn Fry & Hunter Johnson, 1st, 2:06.28

Girls 100m free – Ellie Sutton, Kylie Morton, Lucy Mulligan & Sloan Youngblood, 1st, 1:59.26

Boys 100m free – Eli Eller, Ethan Eller, Luke Caten & Brody Chisam, 1st, 2:21.46

8U girls

25m free – Lucy Mulligan, 1st, 22.00, Sloan Youngblood, 2nd, 23.07

25m breast – Lucy Mulligan, 1st, 29.05, Evelyn Fry, 2nd, 35.40, Ellie Sutton, 3rd, 35.87

25m back – Sloan Youngblood, 1st, 29.43, Ellie Sutton, 3rd, 31.01

25m fly – Lucy Mulligan, 1st, 33.40

8U boys

25m free – Luke Caten, 1st, 24.54, Ethan Eller, 2nd, 28.95

25m breast – Luke Caten, 1st, 35.87

25m back – Ethan Eller, 1st, 32.50, Luke Caten, 2nd, 34.06


Mixed 100m Medley – Joshua Caten, Natalie Payne, Emory MacDonald & Jude McNeal, 2nd, 1:55.31

Girls 100m free – Kaylee Evans, Ava Franson, Olivia Stefanick & Natalie Payne, 1st, 1.50.37

9-10 girls

50m free – Natalie Payne, 3rd, 50.45

25m breast – Ava Franson, 2nd, 27.91, Emme Reed, 3rd, 28.10

25m back – Natalie Payne, 2nd, 24.84, Ava Franson, 3rd, 25.88

25m fly – Kelsi Caten, 3rd, 37.75

9-10 boys

50m free – Joshua Caten, 2nd, 44.36, Noah Greer, 3rd, 50.29

25m breast – Joshua Caten, 1st, 26.17, Dean Cooper, 2nd, 29.17, Noah Greer, 3rd, 36.58

25m back – Joshua Caten, 2nd, 27.29


Mixed 100m Medley – Bailey Cooper, Baylee Connor, Ella Ming & Isaac Stafanick, 2nd, 1:30.60

Girls 100m free – Olivia Smartt, London Caten, Ella Ming & Charis Fry, 2nd, 1:28.19

Boys 100m free – Joshua Caten, Isaac Stefanick, Owen Fry & JP Toney, 2nd, 1:43.47


11-12 girls

50m free – Bailey Cooper, 2nd, 41.68

50m breast – Baylee Connor, 1st, 59.92, Charis Fry, 3rd, 1:02.72

11-12 boys

50m  – 


Mixed 100m Medley – Mitchell Caten, Abby Hale, Maddie Smith and Jarrod Smartt, 2nd, 1:23.88

Girls 100m free – Abby Hale, Maddie Smith, Ainsley Stefanick & Baylee Connor, 2nd, 1:20.37

Boys 100m free – Jarrod Smartt, Ayden Rogers, Emery Stefanick & Mitchell Caten, 1st, 1:10.01

13-14 girls

50m free – Gracie Caten, 3rd, 37.93

50m breast – Maddie Smith, 1st, 57.07, Gracie Caten, 2nd, 57.95

13-14 boys

50m free – Mitchell Caten, 1st, 33.24, Emery Stefanick, 3rd, 36.40

50m breast – Mitchell Caten, 3rd, 46.42

50m back – Emery Stefanick, 2nd, 47.42

50m fly – Mitchell Caten, 2nd, 38.26

15+ division

Mixed 100m Medley – Gracie Caten, Robert Oaks, Jalyn Mart & Gretchen Stuart, 2nd, 1:08.09

Girls 100m free – Gracie Caten, Gretchen Stuart, Anna Ming & Bailey Cooper, 2nd, 1:40.11

Boys 100m free – JJ Brown, Robert Oaks, Eric Nguyen & Jalyn Mart, 2nd, 58.07

15+ girls

50m back – Gracie Caten, 2nd, 46.55, Maddie Smith, 3rd, 46.70

50m back – Gretchen Stuart, 3rd, 46.06


15+ boys

50m free – Jalyn Mart, 2nd, 28.32

50m breast – Robert Oaks, 1st, 43.47, JJ Brown, 2nd, 46.66

100m IM – Jalyn Mart, 2nd, 1:15.52

50m back – Caleb Caten, 2nd, 42.04, JJ Brown, 3rd, 42.71

50m fly – Jalyn Mart, 1st, 30.40