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Sports Q&A
Sarah-Kate Winfree Eastside 11-12.jpg
Sarah-Kate Winfree is pictured after scoring 25 points against Dibrell.

Five Questions with Eastside fifth-grader Sarah-Kate Winfree

Southern Standard: How did you like being in quarantine for two weeks this season?

Sarah-Kate Winfree: I got out of shape really easily so I did not like it.

Standard: How many points did you score tonight?

Winfree: I don’t know.

Standard: You scored 25 points.

Standard: What did you like about tonight’s game?

Winfree: This was the only night that we have done defense really good.

Standard: What is the most points you have scored in a game this year?

Winfree: 27 points.

Standard: Who would win in a game of horse between you and your brother Lex?

Winfree: Me.

One Question with Eastside sixth-grader Lex Winfree

Standard: Who would win a game of horse between you and sister, Sarah-Kate?

Lex Winfree: I think it would be close.