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Southern Standard shuts out TN Credit
Alex Castenado for Southern Standard takes a big swing in the most defensive game of the evening. Southern Standard defeated TN Credit, 5-0.

In a Tuesday night game packed full of defense and strikeouts, there was no wondering why it was only a five-run game. Every run scored by Southern Standard was stolen from third to home.
 It only took an inning for the Southern Standard offense to settle into a rhythm and find its way around a few bases and eventually cross home plate. Unfortunately, the Tennessee Credit offense never found its rhythm as the Standard won 5-0.
In the top of the first, TN Credit went three up, three down off two strikeouts and one pop-fly. Not the way a coach wants to start the game but it didn’t get much better for the Southern Standard team.
In the bottom of the first, Southern Standard started off the inning with a strikeout. The second out followed with a fly-ball to first base for out two. Matthew Colangione reached first on a walk and stole second and third. He was nabbed at the plate trying to steal home.
It was more defense by Southern Standard in the top of the second although Caylon Driver got TN Credit started by reaching base after a first out fly-ball. A strikeout brought out two for TN Credit. Dayton Jernigan and Noah Murphy each made their way on to load the bases for TN Credit. An untimely ground ball was gathered up and disposed of to end the inning and TN Credit was held scoreless with the bases full.
In the bottom of the second, the Southern Standard team picked up back-to-back strikeouts for two quick outs. Just when things looked to be headed south for Southern Standard, William Gillespie, Leo Castenado, Blaine Gilley, and Dylan Stepp all reached base on walks, Gillespie scored to go up 1-0. Then the speedy Castenado got the green light from third base to go on a passed ball and Southern Standard went up 2-0. A ground ball for out number three ended the Southern Standard momentum.
TN Credit was back to the top of the lineup and for the second time in three innings TN Credit was retired in order. Southern Standard was throwing straight gas by the top of the third inning. All three batters faced went down on strikes for a one, two, three inning.
In the bottom of the third, Chase Newby led off the inning with a walk for Southern Standard. After a ground ball for an out, Peyton Adams and Levi Jones drew walks and loaded the bases. With Gillespie in the batter’s box, Southern Standard decided stealing home would be the way to put runs on the scoreboard. Newby, Adams, and Jones all crossed the plate off passed balls and wild pitches. Southern Standard extended its lead to 5-0. The final two outs of the third came from back-to-back strikeouts.
Southern Standard held on to a 5-0 lead as time expired in a very defensive battle to the end. Matthew Colangione and Levi Jones pitched for the Standard. For TN Credit, J.J. Jacobs and Conner Nunley spent time on the mound.