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So you want to be a pro wrestler?
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Super Jaguar’s eyes were wide as he paced back and forth waiting for his music to hit, the excitement building as he prepared for his first-ever match inside the squared circle. Outside the curtain a loud crowd of around 200 wrestling fans waited for the opening match of the night – a match he would wrestle against Warren County’s own Cal Redmon.“Yeah, I’m nervous,” Super Jaguar said as he pulled at the mask covering his face and concealing his true identity. “I think part of it is I want to put on a good match and the other part is this is my first time so I’m not really sure what to expect.”“You’re on,” the promoter said as he pointed to the curtain and his music began.The rookie split the curtain and ran to the ring getting a loud pop from the revved-up fans who were ready for a night of Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling action.Backstage the rookie’s work was being watched on the monitor from the opening bell, a critique prepared by his trainer to be worked on during their next training session.Watching Super Jaguar backstage on the monitor was a man who first burst through the curtains 28 years ago – “The Handsome One” Ron Davis.“It was brutal back then,” Davis declared of his early years in wrestling as Super Jaguar took his first bump in the ring.

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