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Simmons Says - Sports still not in sight

Monday’s ‘On This Day’ may have been the toughest one yet.

Our weekday, online-only feature drifts back to prior days and Monday’s looked back at April 27 papers in the 2010s. Among the headlines in the five papers were: “Play Ball” - a story about the first games in 2011 at McMinnville Civic Center; ‘Senior night success” – two stories about big wins by WCHS soccer and softball; and “Time to celebrate” – stories about WCMS softball and soccer winning CTC championships.

It’s a constant reminder of what Warren County is missing out on as sports continue to be shut down. The toughest one to see was “Play Ball,” especially when it came on the same day where McMinnville Parks and Recreation announced that its spring/summer sports leagues will not be in operation.

Even amid some return to normalcy this week, sports are still on the backburner. Every plan thrown out is hypothetical and features an unclear timeline. Everybody is still throwing darts blindly, hoping for a bull’s eye at some point.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be writing a memorable headline that is featured in an On This Day’years from now. It only has to be two words – “Sports return.”