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Simmons Says - Pondering football during delay
It's hard to imagine better weather for football, except that it wasn't being played at the time this photo was taken. A weather delay stopped Saturday's UT-Bowling Green game for 80 minutes.
When an unexpected weather delay hits and holds up a game for 80 minutes, you're left with plenty of free time to ponder life. Among the many things I was able to think about Saturday in Nashville while the Vols and Bowling Green were on a break was how on Earth could a game be on weather delay when the sun is out and there's no rain falling? Alas, I couldn't figure that out in my free time, but I did come up with a few things before Tennessee took the field and finished off the Falcons 59-30.Here are a few snippets of what I was able to come up with Saturday in Nashville:• If you're a spectator and decide to run onto the field of play, you may want to wear armor.