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Simmons Says - Pondering football during delay
It's hard to imagine better weather for football, except that it wasn't being played at the time this photo was taken. A weather delay stopped Saturday's UT-Bowling Green game for 80 minutes.

When an unexpected weather delay hits and holds up a game for 80 minutes, you're left with plenty of free time to ponder life. Among the many things I was able to think about Saturday in Nashville while the Vols and Bowling Green were on a break was how on Earth could a game be on weather delay when the sun is out and there's no rain falling? Alas, I couldn't figure that out in my free time, but I did come up with a few things before Tennessee took the field and finished off the Falcons 59-30.
Here are a few snippets of what I was able to come up with Saturday in Nashville:
• If you're a spectator and decide to run onto the field of play, you may want to wear armor. The security guards on hand Saturday got a chance to take out their frustrations on a long work day when a guy ran to midfield and struck some Hulk Hogan poses. I don't know if Terry Tate office linebacker was the first guy to reach the spectator, but he clobbered him. Once the guy regains consciousness, he may regret his decision.
• They say time heals all wounds, but just 24 hours after watching the Pioneers slammed in Cookeville, I wasn't quite over it.
Sure, it's pretty much what I expected to happen since the Cavaliers are fielding one of their most talented teams in a decade, but I was shocked at how resigned the Pioneer crowd was to the beating. I'm not sure if I'd call it accepting, but there wasn't a sense from the crowd many were hopeful there was any other outcome coming from last week's contest than a lopsided loss. I haven't seen a crowd that down since I was at WCHS in the early 2000s. Back then, the Pioneers went 1-49 over a five-year period. I hope we're not treading back into those waters.
• Tennessee fans are very emotional and tend to let their moods swing at the drop of a hat. Basically Saturday felt like being surrounded by 65,000 pregnant women.
The Vols went into the game with the hope of being a contender to win the SEC East. Five hours later, Tennessee emerged with a 29-point win, the most rushing yards the team's had in 21 years and relatively healthy. So why is it people somehow feel like the Vols are doomed to "suffer" through another seven- or eight-win season?
There's obviously cause for concern - giving up over 400 yards passing seems to put people in a panic. But like anything else, nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Likewise, if the Vols win Saturday against Oklahoma, it won't be as good as it seems either.
Then again, if I come back from Rocky Top Saturday and the Vols are 2-0, I'll be ready to book my tickets to the SEC championship game. Much like the weather, I can change in an instant.