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Simmons Says - Anticipating the Highway 55 Cup

This upcoming weekend, an epic golf tournament will be played. And I’m not talking about the St. Jude Classic.

Over the course of two days, the best of the best from McMinnville Country Club and Willowbrook will face off for the Highway 55 Cup. The hope is MCC will continue its streak of victories.

The event, not quite a decade old yet, has been owned by the locals, of which I am now associated. I joined a few months ago, hoping being a member would improve my golf game and keep me active. I can say it’s helped with the latter, but I still look like Judge Smails grandson most days on the course – double rats!

Because the people who plan the event and pick the pairings are smart, I’ve yet to receive my invite to play. This may be an oversight, but more likely it’s because I’ve not shown the ability to finish 18 holes on my own yet. I’m assuming that would be required.

I’m happy to leave it to my talented teammates to bring home the cup. They’ve done it the last four years without me already. If anything, they don’t need the Simmons jinx bringing them down.

The perk of joining has been the ability to play some rounds with people a lot more talented than I am, namely the Stern brothers. Will and Nick make the game look effortless, which impresses and frustrates me at the same time. To their credit, they always tell me I’m not as bad as I think.

Could they be lying? Sure. It doesn’t matter as much to me – I’m perfectly able to run down my play on my own.

Heading into the tournament, I had to ask Nick – one of the youngest and best players at MCC – what he thought about playing in the Highway 55 Cup.

“It’s a tradition for sure. We all enjoy playing it, but we’re down a couple guys this year so it’s definitely going to be tough,” said Nick.

No person takes it more serious than Nick. I have no doubt he’ll be out there blasting it down the pipe, draining long putts and talking some trash.

As for the rest of the team, I’m hopeful our locals can get the job done.

My job will be the same as always. I’ll show up and snap some pictures, make the occasional ‘Caddyshack’ reference and watch people much better than me play. Maybe if I’m lucky, my brother Brett or my friend Ryan Williams will ask me to caddie.

I can’t help them in anything that pertains to playing, but I drive a golf cart well and keep a close eye on the ice levels in the cooler.

Sometimes it’s the little things that help the team win. And make no mistake, I fully expect our squad to come out with the victory.