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Rules change for fans
Nunley Stadium - student section.jpg
The student section will look much different at Warren County High School football games this season. Face coverings will be required and social distancing measures will be put in place, the TSSAA ruled Wednesday.

The TSSAA enacted new rules for fans attending TSSAA sporting events. Some of those new rules include:

• At contests where fan attendance is permitted, member schools are encouraged to limit fan attendance to a number that will allow adequate social distancing (one-fourth to one-third of typical seating capacity, depending on the characteristics of the particular venue) and should mark bleachers or seats in order to promote social distancing among spectators. Member schools must facilitate compliance with any applicable state or local order limiting gathering sizes for participation in public events. In consultation with local health providers, member schools in areas experiencing high virus transmission should consider further limitations on attendance (family members only, or no spectators). 

• Member schools will require all fans wear facial coverings at all times while onsite (except children under age 2) and maintain social distancing (6 feet, or the equivalent of two empty seats between themselves and other fans) from anyone other than those living in the same household.

• Due to the potential increased risk of virus transmission during certain activities, the use of school bands at contests is discouraged. If the band is present, limit to a halftime performance or relocate the band from the stands to other available areas away from crowds and increase the amount of physical distance between band members.

• Increase the amount of physical distance between cheerleaders, as well as between cheerleaders and other persons if projected voices are to be used.

• If a public address system is in use for a contest, the host school will make public service announcements at various times during the contest to remind those in attendance to use masks and maintain physical distancing.

• The host school is responsible for providing staff to engage in frequent cleaning and sanitizing of restroom facilities during contests.

• Concession stands are discouraged because they tend to invite gatherings of people in close quarters. If a member school chooses to operate a concession stand at a contest, signage or other appropriate markings must be in place to encourage customers to maintain physical distancing while standing in line. Where possible, schools that choose to operate concession stands are encouraged to arrange for call-in orders in order to reduce the number of people gathering to stand in line and to limit the number of concession workers. All concession stand workers must wear facial coverings and must maintain as much physical distance as possible in the confines of the concession stand.

• All coaches must complete a free online course “COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators” before the first contest.