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Rotary Golf Tournament marks 30th year
The championship flight winners at the 30th annual Rotary Golf Tournament this past Saturday are, from left, Lee Sperlazza, Steve West, Pat Greene and Jamie King.

The 30th annual Rotary Golf Tournament took place this past Saturday at McMinnville Country Club.
There were 25 four-person teams that participated in the tournament, with the winning team of Steve West, Lee Sperlazza, Pat Greens and Jamie King shooting a 16-under par 56 for the day.
The first flight winning team of Bill Rogers, Kristie Rogers, Hunter Sain and Hank Patton shot an overall score of 62, while the second flight winning team of Charles Marsh Margaret Sutton, Dan Bryant and Jay Bragg shot 68.
Some specialty skill prize winners included: John Wilson, who got closest to the hole on par 3’s, Nick Stern, who had the longest drive, Freddy Davenport, who had the longest putt, and Jamie Stinson won the award for the most accurate drive.
Scorecard playoffs were used to break ties for the flight winners and the event raised approximately $8,000 for the work of Breakfast and Noon Rotary clubs of McMinnville.
Bill Rogers, who is one of the organizers of the tournament, had this to say to the participants of the tournament and next year’s tournament.
“On behalf of the Breakfast and Noon Rotary clubs of McMinnville, I would like to thank all the players, prize donors and sponsors for making our 2016 tournament a great success. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see everyone back again next year,” said Rogers.

Rotary Golf classic results

Flight Winners Championship

1st Place (56) – Steve West, Lee Sperlazza, Pat Greene, Jamie King
2nd Place (58) – Phil Whisenhunt, Johnny Murray, Larry Willmore, Bobby Taylor
3rd Place (58) – Matt Richey, Zach Molloy, Jamie Stinson, John Wilson
4th Place (59) – Webber Cantrell, Mike Oettinger, Michelle Dodson, Bill Locke

First Flight

1st Place (62) – Bill Rogers, Kristie Rogers, Hunter Sain, Hank Patton
2nd Place (62) – Whit Taylor, David Taylor, Lea Taylor, Steve Biles
3rd Place (63) – Butch Bullen, Lynn Bullen, Bart Stanley, Trenena Stanley
4th Place (63) – Wally Stern, Ron Fryar, Will Stern, Jason Denney

Second Flight

1st Place (68) – Charles Marsh, Margaret Sutton, Dan Bryant, Jay Bragg
2nd Place (68) – Gene Grissom, Brent Pryor, Clint Pace, Joseph Nelson
3rd Place (68) – Shane Brock, Wes Fanning, Kenny Delon, Tim Land
4th Place (68) – Coty Grissom, Wes Williams, Ben Dunn, Todd Dunn

Specialty/Skill Prize Winners

Closest to the Hole (Par 3’s)

No. 2 – John Wilson
No. 7 – Steve Biles
No. 14 – Bill Locke
No. 17 – Phil Whisenhunt

Long Drives

No. 3 – Nick Stern
No. 18 –Pieter van Vuuren

Longest Putt

No. 7 – Freddy Davenport

Closest to the Line
(Most Accurate Drive)

No. 8 – Jamie Stinson