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Right On! 5-24-15
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Browsing the inter-web, you stumble across some pretty interesting stuff. Well it happened Friday. What makes someone want to compile a list of the 21 all-time cocky athletes who love to run their mouths? So my first thought is, how did you arrive at the number 21? Why not a typical top five or a top 10 list?
So anyway, let’s look at a few more well knowns who made the cut and discuss. No. 1 on the list was Muhammad Ali as the all-time greatest trash talker, pretty much because he backed it up in the ring.
And while we are in the boxing genre, another notable, maybe someone I know a little more about was Iron Mike Tyson who came in on the list at No. 8. He is the first person I think I ever watched on a pay-per view, and was very disappointed when it only lasted two or three minutes. Tyson did not give you a chance to feel him out. He came straight across the ring for your heart. So if he talked trash like he fought, then yes, he must have been a great trash talker.
Skipping over to basketball, all 21 people probably could have played basketball with names on the list such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and the greatest ever to never win a championship, Sir Charles Barkley.
First of all, if I for one played anywhere near as good as Michael “Air” Jordan who came in at No. 4, yes I would hold the title as best trash talker. It would only be fitting the best player to ever step on the hardwood would also be the best trash talker in the NBA. Playing defense against the man alone would strike fear into most, let alone listening to him bombard you with comments about how weak and slow your defense might be.
Larry Bird came in at a whopping No. 2 on the list. What else could a slow-footed guy who couldn’t jump supposed do when he buries a three in your face at the end of a game. Talk trash obviously and from reading up on it, he was the best on the hardwood.
Let’s not forget the NFL and its best trash talker Terrell Owens, who dropped in on the list at No. 14. No one was off limits to when it came to Owens’ talking trash. His most famous move was not as much talking but perhaps his race to the Cowboys star and stomping it, raising his hands toward the sky. On his second attempt, the Cowboys responded by tackling him at mid-field.
One of them I did not expect on the list was No. 17 John McEnroe. He talked more trash to the umpires than his opponents but trash is trash, no matter who it is thrown in the general direction. So let’s not go off the deep end and start a trash-talking campaign. I just wanted to lighten the mood a little and have some fun with the column. Who knows what kind of list we can find next time? Right on.