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Right On! 5-17-15
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I for one did not exactly think Zach Mettenberger was the Tennessee Titan savior of sorts but when the Titans chose Marcus Mariota in the first round, I immediately thought it was a ploy to trade up for a package deal. Mettenberger didn’t really seem like a terrible quarterback, but I did think he needed some worthy targets to throw the ball to.
Mettenberger recently told ESPN’s Adam Kaplan in a text message he is not going down without a fight and he will not freely relinquish the job to Mariota and refuses to just hand over the keys.
Mettenberger is enjoying nothing more than lame-duck status and arguably only serving as a seat warmer until the rookie gets broken into the routine of day-in, day-out life as an NFL quarterback.
To me he sounds exactly like what the Titans need more of -- guys with some fire and some passion on the field. A friend and I who enjoy the Titans agree on one thing, when we are up on a team we need to keep the pressure up. Instead it’s like we fall into protect the ball and try to run time off the clock. And that would probably work in high school but geez guys, not likely in the NFL.
The second-year signal caller did not simply state his adamant refusal in such terms, instead Mettenberger insisted he was willing to battle to the death, figuratively speaking of course. It would be safe to say Mettenberger is serious about keeping his starting job and until Mariota proves his worth in the NFL, he may just keep it.
In Titans minicamp on Friday, Mariota took his first snaps as an NFL quarterback. Mariota had to adjust to taking snaps under center as he played most of college in the shotgun formation. The rookie reported to minicamp with the other eight draft picks on Monday and he says he already feels comfortable. Coach Ken Whisenhunt has promised the Titans are incorporating some of the spread offense Mariota is accustomed to into the Titans’ scheme to try and make the quarterback’s transition as smooth as possible. That doesn’t sound like a Mettenberger endorsement.
Mariota is the third quarterback the Titans have taken in the top 10 the past decade. Vince Young and Jake Locker, both of whom have already retired from football, are the other two. Retirement comes quick for those who do not produce.
Mettenberger was a sixth-round draft pick out of LSU last season, and he has made it perfectly clear he plans on competing for the job himself even though Mariota is expected to start by many in the business in the season opener at Tampa Bay versus Jameis Winston, the top overall pick.
Whoever gets the nod to start I will have my snacks ready and my TV tuned in and just hopefully we can get the Titans headed back in the right direction. Right on.