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Right On! 5-15-15
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For some reason beyond my comprehension, which probably isn’t much, but the Dallas Cowboys have quite a following in this area and surrounding area. I guess that’s why they earned the nickname “America’s Team.”
Well Jerry Jones is also never afraid to speak his mind whether he is right or wrong. Money tends to do that to people. Speaking with reporters at the team’s annual golf tournament, he made the comment the team’s running game is actually better now, despite losing the league’s leading rusher last year, DeMarco Murray.
Jones stated, “We’re better, and Murray is certainly in that thought, but what we have got a chance to do with our depth and talent and the competition that we have …”
The depth Jones speaks of starts with Darren McFadden, who could potentially be in for a career year if he can stay healthy behind the Cowboys’ mammoth-sized offensive line. Joseph Randle is also in the mix as a potential starter.
“One thing you have to love is the competition on your football team,” stated QB Tony Romo.
Murray, who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles, gained 1,845 yards and scored 13 touchdowns behind the Cowboys’ offensive line. With the addition of rookie La’el Collins, who will almost certainly start at left guard, the Cowboys very well could feature one of the best offensive lines in history.
It’s no wonder why Jerry Jones is so upbeat about his team’s ability to put big numbers up in 2015.
Well Brett Farve has come forward and said he doesn’t think Tom Brady was cheating when he probably oversaw the deflating of footballs before the AFC Championship. Farve actually thinks Brady was just getting the competitive edge anyway he could get it.
The downside to this story is Farve commented he doesn’t know Brady very well, and has not followed the whole deflate gate very closely. In fact Farve made a comment he had never even heard of a player deflating a football to gain an advantage.
Who does not try to gain an advantage in sports? I can remember watching a college softball game on TV and time was called because of a camera in center field was allegedly sending a live feed into the opponent’s dugout. Trying to figure out signs is just another way of trying to gain the advantage.
Jimmie Johnson has had troubles in NASCAR by bending the rules and figuring out ways to hold more fuel and adjusting the rear spoiler for a little more downforce.
Folks, as long as there are sporting events held in this area or areas around us and across the country, people will always be looking for an advantage and that is not always a bad thing. Admit it, we all want to win. It is why we compete. It is what makes us strive to be better. Trying to gain the advantage will also be under scrutiny all the way from the top to the bottom. Right on.