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Right On!
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Where does the time go? I’m not sure but it sure goes fast. Seems like just a few weeks ago I was driving to Charlie Dalton Gym at Warren County High School and covering a Pioneer and Lady Pioneer basketball game.
I do want to share a funny story. In my humble beginnings I sent a text message to a certain basketball coach who will remain nameless. I asked something about the practice scheduling, heck I barely remember but I used the word “Pioneerette” when asking the basketball coach a question in a text message. She politely replied, “We are the Lady Pioneers. The Pioneerettes are a dance team.”
Needless to say I tried my very best not to let that happen again. But I told her I was new and she knew that, and was very gracious in helping me along, as were the Pioneer coaches. But back to this time situation. Older people would tell me when I was young, enjoy it while you can, it will be gone before you know it and that has never been truer than now.
WCHS and WCMS spring sports keep you hopping. Baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis are just the sports I have seen. There are several I have not seen and it’s not really anything personal. It just requires a lot of time and as I write these stories I noticed for the first time I am talking about postseason tournaments already and it seems like they literally just started.
Don’t be fooled, spring sports do not start in the spring. They begin much, much earlier than that. Coaches and parents can attest to that for sure. I sat and watched several games in the early part of the season and watched as middle school kids played in temperatures much too cold for sports of any kind. Parents layered them up and they went on with the game in the spirit of competition.
When the cold temperatures decided to relent ever so slightly, Mother Nature poured down the rain on us and from what people have said in and around the office, this was one of the wettest seasons in some time. I can remember going home early and worrying to myself about how in the world could we fill sports pages with no sports.
All of the rain forced teams indoors and I followed them. I visited the high school teams at their indoor facilities. I even caught up to the soccer team inside the upstairs auxiliary gym. WCMS teams were in the gyms as well and everyone was ready to play except for all of the rain-drenched fields. A lot of practice goes on that people will never see outside of having a child on the team.
And when you drive by and see second base under water on Saturday afternoon and the next evening there is a game about to get under way, I know several folks have been very busy behind the scenes. I know the behind-the-scenes folks are not doing it for the glory, but you are still being seen and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Right on.