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Ready to run
Pioneers hope to soar with wing-T offense
WCHS head football coach Tom Moore talks to his team Friday morning during practice inside the new fieldhouse.

The wing-T offense has landed at Warren County High School.
That means the Pioneer football team will be utilizing a fullback, and two wingbacks in its base offensive set this season. Gone is the more traditional I-formation attack featuring a tailback lined up seven yards deep behind a fullback.
“This is a quick-hitting offense,” said WCHS head coach Tom Moore. “There are a lot of fakes, a lot of pulls, a lot of traps. I feel like the offensive line is going to be a strength of this team and the running game is going to be a big part of our success.”
There was uncertainly swirling around the quarterback position last year as the Pioneers didn’t have a player on the roster who had taken a varsity snap. This year, junior Isaiah Grayson returns after starting all 10 regular-season games and the playoff game against Maryville.
“With Isaiah, his biggest asset is his legs,” said coach Moore. “He’s able to make plays and he’s real elusive. We want to get him in space and get him into the secondary.”
Devin Jordan has been getting reps as the Pioneers backup quarterback. He’s a sturdy runner who protects the ball and he’s a big guy for defenses to try and tackle.
Raleigh Woods was originally thought to be a nice fit at fullback because of his bruising running style, but he’s been moved to wingback where he can still dish out punishment. The move to wingback allows Woods to be utilized more as a blocker when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands.
Shifting Woods to wingback makes it an open competition for carries at fullback, according to coach Moore.
Brendan Breedlove has been getting reps there and Moore sees him getting some carries, but Moore doesn’t want to overwork him because he’s so valuable on defense.
“Brendan is really playing great right now,” said Moore. “But he’s primarily a defensive player at linebacker. Trayton Rackley is another player we’ve been using at fullback, but he’s in the same situation. He plays outside linebacker so we don’t know how much we want to use him at fullback. Deandre Thomas and Shawn Woodlee are two guys we’re going to work in at fullback, but they’re both nursing injuries right now and we don’t know when they’re going to be back at full speed.”
Also competing for playing time at wingback are Noah Campbell, Jacob Rabideau, Tyree Ladet, and Josh Macanas. Coach Moore says Campbell has good hands and is the biggest receiving threat from that group. He says Ladet has “a little shake and a little speed and we need guys like that with the ball.”
“There are a lot of guys I see touching the ball,” said Moore. “If you have one great back, the I-formation is an offense a lot of teams use. We have a bunch of above-average guys and we can run to both sides of the line of scrimmage so I see us spreading it around with a lot of guys getting carries.”
Moore said the Pioneers are going to pass early and often in order to spread the field and prevent the defense from creeping up to the line of scrimmage to focus primarily on the run.
Warren County travels to Summit for a scrimmage this Friday at 6 p.m. The following week, the Pioneers have a scrimmage in Tullahoma.
Warren County will scrimmage White County the week before the season begins at Nunley Stadium. The regular season opens on the road with a game against DeKalb County in Smithville. After that opening game, the Pioneers will play their next four at home.