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Random Thoughts - Taking a break
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No. 1 I will be taking a break from working full-time as a sports reporter for the Southern Standard until August. For the past 21 years, I have fundraised with high school football teams and schools in Tennessee, and I will be conducting that business full-time for the next several weeks.

No. 2 One new aspect of my fundraising this summer will be to give 10% of the sales from Georgia Peaches at Plaza Shopping Center in July to Give Back Team, which is a joint effort with the Southern Standard and Warren County High School athletes. My hope is to start doing monthly projects in August to help people in the McMinnville community. We will be asking high school football players and other athletes to volunteer once a month to give back in terms of service.

No. 3 It is surprising to me I spent 10 months working as a sports reporter at the Southern Standard. When I was in high school, my dad owned WAKI. It is a different experience working for a newspaper. 

Radio was an instant source of information, and the music, news, weather, etc. were broadcast live. Providing sports content and meeting print deadlines kept me moving at a faster pace than I anticipated. 

No. 4 Every coach I covered the past 10 months challenged and helped me to understand their sports and players better. Matt Turner helped me understand football better. Chris Sullens helped me understand basketball better, and Phillip King helped me understand high school baseball better. 

High school sports are a great place to get lost in, especially when the teams are winning. Yet, I have had fun and meaningful experiences fundraising with teams who were not always winning. It is the people who make the difference.

No. 5 There is great energy coming from high school students, and I am very grateful to have been able to interact as a sports reporter with many high school athletes. As a sports reporter, I had the privilege of following the kids through a season, and sometimes more than one season if they played multiple sports.

No. 6 My present aspiration is to develop Give Back Team with the Southern Standard, coaches, and athletes. If I can integrate service with people in the community -- in conjunction with high school sports, I will be very fulfilled personally. It will be another way to get to know coaches and athletes while making a contribution to our community.