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Random Thoughts - Football fundraiser fantastic

No. 1 The support Warren County has given local athletic teams recently is amazing. Last week the high school baseball team had a golf tournament on Friday with 23 teams participating. They were pleased with the results. 

On the same day the football team, named Squad#53 by head coach Matt Turner, raised over $31,000 with a Liftathon. That is a number that should not be lost on anyone. It is a major improvement on fundraisers the football team has done in the past – by a longshot. 

No. 2 Certainly it takes more than a head coach to have a successful fundraiser. Clearly there was a significant amount of booster support and a great effort by players. The real difference maker was the community which made the donations. The numbers speak for themselves. McMinnville and Warren County wants to support a winning football team.

No. 3 I have been working with high school football coaches for 21 years from Memphis to Bristol and many towns in between across the state. More importantly, I am aware of what the Warren County football team has raised in the past 20 years with fundraisers. No one has come close to what Matt Turner just led this team to accomplish.

No. 4 Matt Turner has benefited from changing the culture in two years. He coached a team with a winning record. For 29 years no one else accomplished that feat. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that Turner accomplished such a remarkable level of support with a fundraiser. 

No. 5 My job as a sports reporter is to report the facts, and in a small hometown newspaper, the focus is to positively report the facts. In my world of high school football fundraising, Matt Turner just climbed Mt. Everest and went to heights that seemed impossible to me a year ago. How can I not appear as a cheerleader as I seek to put what this man is doing into perspective?  

No. 6 Bill Bellichick, who many regard as the greatest living NFL coach, failed when he first started as a head coach at Cleveland. What has Matt Turner accomplished during his first football head coaching job?

No. 7 Many naysayers are saying the Pioneer football team will revert to losing now that C.J. Taylor and the seniors who went 8-3 have graduated. It simply is not logical to doubt Matt Turner, who believes he will have a winning season this fall.

No. 8 Raising over $31,000 in McMinnville with a football team is a phenomenal accomplishment. Not only is it unprecedented, it all took place during a pandemic. Matt Turner deserves every slap on the back, every word of praise this town can give him.