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Q&A with new WCMS girls coach Mendy Stotts
Photo provided WCMS hired Mendy Stotts on Monday as its newest Lady Pioneer basketball coach. Stotts was an all-state performer at Wayne County in the 1990s.

(Questions asked by Standard sports editor Jeffery Simmons)

What made you apply and how did it feel when you heard you got the job?

Stotts: Ever since moving to Warren County, I wanted to be a part of doing what I can to help the youth succeed in this county that I now call HOME.  Basketball is something I am very passionate about and has provided me great opportunities in my life.  I wanted to apply because I want to share my love for the game and feel I could pass on and provide many skills I have learned by playing, coaching, mentoring and counseling.  I wanted to provide basic fundamentals to help the girls grow, be confident, and be a mentor for them to assist them to be successful.

When I heard I got the job, I was super excited and felt extremely blessed with the opportunity!  I was immediately ready to get started and reach out to the girls.

How do you want to shape the program – what do you envision a program led by Mendy Stotts looking like?

Stotts: Fortunately, I was blessed to grow up in an area where girls basketball was very big deal.  I would love to see a Warren County Girls Basketball program be something that young girls in our county grow up and dream to be a part of. I envision teaching teamwork and being competitive because these things are very important in life both on and off the court. I want to teach the girls in the program that being successful is knowing you gave the best effort in becoming all you are capable of becoming.  

I would love the program to be centered around learning self-responsibility related to working on goal setting, and growing to achieve those goals. I believe in having a winning attitude on the court and having a positive relationship with your teammates and with others around you. I want to instill basketball but also life fundamentals that will be a stepping stone to only help them grow in high school and possibly beyond. Most of all I want the program to have the climate of having fun, being kind to each other and giving 100 percent.


Do you feel any added expectation taking over a team that had a high level of success last year? What are your personal expectations for the team?

Stotts: I enjoyed being able to watch last year’s team be successful in many aspects and they did have a great record. It only makes me more optimistic because some of the returning players got to experience that success and won a lot of games. I hope to build on the positive things that the girls have learned.  My personal expectations are for the girls to give their all each time they step on the floor, play with confidence and intensity, be enthusiastic and enjoy the game.  

How will you help work with the WCHS program and develop players for the next level as the primary feeder program in the county?

Stotts: I hope to provide our girls all the tools they need to play at the next level.  A personal goal of mine is that they leave this program and won’t have to be re-taught basic fundamentals and skills so that our WCHS program will not have to spend time working on the basics.  Warren County is filled with so many talented female athletes and I see both programs growing over the next few years.  I hope girls leave WCMS with the desire to win championships at the next level.

Q&A with WCMS AD Betsy McBride

(Questions asked by Standard sports editor Jeffery Simmons)

How many people applied and what made Mendy stand out to you?

McBride:  Mendy has a lot of experience with working with young people on and off the court. She presents herself very well and has a confident philosophy of her goals. I felt this gave her an advantage although the decision was not easy.

What type of program do you expect her to run?

McBride:  Mendy is very eager to get started and integrate several aspects to her team such as building their confidence on and off the court, self-respect, motivation, being aggressive, and improving the performance of her players.  

What are the expectations for her with the team coming off a 17-win season?

McBride: Our conference is very competitive, she will definitely have her work cut out for her.  We lost several good players last season that should definitely benefit the high school program in the near future.  She has a good group coming up, a few of them saw varsity playing time, such as Bri Taylor, which is a very versatile player. I feel with the right encouragement and continued skills, they can be very successful.

How do you feel Mendy will be able to communicate and work with the WCHS program?

McBride: I feel Mendy has a very good philosophy for what she intends to accomplish at the middle school level and will teach them the skills needed to be successful at a higher level.