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Police, Fire battle on diamond

Which is better, McMinnville Police Department or McMinnville Fire Department?

When it comes to softball, it turns out McMinnville Police Department is better, but not by much.

In the inaugural Battle of the Badges softball game Friday night, McMinnville Police Department beat McMinnville Fire Department by 1 run in a tight game.

While promoting healthy competition, this event was also a fundraiser for school supplies. Educators were at the entrance accepting school supplies and donations while entering participants for raffle prizes.

The Fire Department started off strong with a 7-2 lead going into the third. The police officers started to get some hits and catch up in the fourth, ending with a score of 12-9. In the sixth, firefighter Marty White hit a single that the Police Department ended up throwing away resulting in two runs making the score 14-12.

Police detective Eddie Colwell used his muscles to make the score 14-13 when he made a daring slide home in the sixth inning.

The firefighters were able to score 1 more in the seventh, making the score 15-14, but it was not enough to keep the Police Department from coming back. Officer Joseph Butler hit a pop up that the firefighters were unable to catch. Officer Colwell came back up to the plate and hit a grounder that hit 2 runs home to win the game.

Police Chief Nichole Mosley was pleased with the win.

“It’s awesome. This is the first game we have had like this so we are looking forward to continuing this as a yearly thing. We liked the competition. It makes it more fun when it is close,” said Mosley.

The Police Department was awarded a plaque as well as a golden championship bat. Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield was awarded a silver bat reading “Second Place is No Place.”

Firefighter Scott Norrod was the coach of the Fire Department’s team and even though things did not go their way he was happy the event was a big success.

“It was all in good fun. We will be more prepared next year,” said Norrod.

The night ended in a firework show for the huge crowd of supporters to enjoy. At the end of the day, win or lose, both departments were able to raise a lot of school supply donations for the schools.