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Pioneers look to refine Pistol Wing-T
FB - Darius Rippy on the Line 10-15.jpg
WCHS junior Darius Rippy, No. 57, was named Offensive Player of the Game by coaches for his performance against Shelbyville last week. Pictured next to Rippy are junior Collin Panter, No. 33, senior Ojani Hernandez No. 66. Junior quarterback Nate Elrod, No. 11, is behind the line. - photo by Brad Durham

The high school football team started the week with a JV game at Tullahoma, which the JV lost 21-0. The JV team will return to Tullahoma next week for the Lion’s Bowl game. 

On Monday, the varsity studied film, which included viewing a team in Pennsylvania that runs Rick Stewart’s Pistol Wing-T offense, the same offense the Pioneers run. The “skull session” was educational and produced immediate results.

The key to the Pioneer’s offense is execution. The Pistol Wing-T is designed to confuse defenses and allow for option-reads that make it difficult to follow who is carrying the football. The first step to executing the offense is for the team to break out of the huddle and sprint to the line of scrimmage. The second step is for the line to break from their stance and move in the right direction before fully raising up in their stance.

Head coach Matt Turner emphasized the team has been slow to break from the huddle, and the line has not been making crisp movement to their blocking assignments. Members of the offensive line got the message because they voluntarily went to The Facility after the film session without any coaches to practice coming out of the huddle and getting into their stances. The linemen also moved quickly toward their blocking assignments.

The focus on breaking from the huddle and how to move to their blocking assignments was focused on accomplishing several things. First, the quick release from the huddle will help avoid getting delay of game penalties the Pioneers have accumulated this season. Another benefit of the rush to get into positions will limit the defense’s time to react. Most importantly, the coaching staff is trying to encourage the offense to execute their assignments as designed in the playbook.

The team from Pennsylvania in the film had relatively small linemen who were moving quickly and holding their blocks. Turner pointed out the linemen in the film were not stopping and looking back to the backfield – as some Pioneer linemen have done. Pioneer linemen were also encouraged to hold their blocks and to keep blocking until the whistle blows.

The backfield was encouraged to carry out their fakes and assignments with conviction. The film showed a backfield executing fakes and blocks with precision. It is a clear example of what coaches mean when they say “do your job.” 

Coach Turner challenged his team after Friday night’s loss to Shelbyville to keep studying their assignments. Braylon Grayson was one player who showed up on Sunday to ask questions and learn more about his position.

Finishing strong is the present theme for the Pioneer football team. The varsity travels to Franklin County on Friday night with the expectation of winning. Unless something very unexpected happens in the next two weeks, Warren County will finish its season at home against Lebanon on Oct. 29, and the Pioneers will most likely play Oakland, the No. 1-ranked team in the state, in the first round of the playoffs.


The coaching staff voted the following players of game:

Donathan Lewis – MVP of the Game.

Darius Rippy – Offensive Player of the Game.

Andrew MillEr – Defensive Player of the Game.

Brayan Holguin – Special Teams Player of the Game.