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Pioneers earn first district win
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Warren County scored its first district win of the season by beating Shelbyville on Friday in a close game, 59-53. Though Kaden Rutledge is still out, Isaiah Cummings and Treyton Terry scored a collective 34 points for the Pioneers to help earn the win.

Warren County is now 1-3 in the district and 8-10 overall. Shelbyville is also now 1-3 in the district and 3-9 overall.

Terry scored 18 and Cummings added 16 for the Pioneers.

Said Cummings, “I just came out here and put it all out there for my team and for my coaches.”

Shelbyville took an early lead with two 3-pointers and Warren County fumbled with the ball for a bit. The Pioneers were behind 13-6 going into the second quarter. Shelbyville was hitting more 3s with Jayshon Jones scoring two 3-pointers and Joe Harris scoring one.

Cummings helped close the gap by scoring a 3 after a swift steal and making the most of his free throws. Shelbyville kept the lead consistent over the Pioneers in the first half, leading to a halftime score of 28-20.

By the third quarter, Warren County started to come from behind as Keldrick Cox drove to the basket and made a surprise pass to Alex van Vuuren for 2 points. Cummings went on a roll, creating plenty of turnovers and retrieving rebounds.

Cox made a 3 at the third-quarter buzzer to make the Pioneers almost even with the Eagles, 37-35, going into fourth.

Right out the gate van Vuuren nailed a 3 giving the Pioneers the lead for the first time. From there, it was a dogfight for the lead. With 4:30 left, Shelbyville and Warren were tied 44-44.

Foul shots made a big difference for the Eagles as Warren made two-thirds of its free throws and Shelbyville only about 18.2% of theirs in the fourth quarter. Terry was consistently scoring inside all game, but a perfect 3-pointer from him didn’t hurt either.

Cummings and Nate Elrod added a few more points in the last few minutes to secure a Pioneer victory, avenging a previous loss to Shelbyville on Jan. 11. Warren County finished with a final score of 59-53 improving its standing in the district.

WARREN COUNTY -- Treyton Terry 18, Isaiah Cummings 16, Alex van Vuuren 9, Keldrick Cox 5, Eli Kuykendall 5, Sawyer Seymour 4, Nate Elrod 2 SHELBYVILLE -- Jayshon Jones 17, Jason Ragland 13, Joe Harris 9, Deyn Heath 5, Tim Parsons 4, Zory Reese 3, Kyler Trice 2