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Pioneer JV falls to White County
Wesley Jennings makes a strong move to the basket late in the game versus White County. The Warriors claimed the lead and defeated Warren County on Monday night.

The Warren County Pioneer JV team had its hands full with the JV Warriors from White County on Monday night. It appeared to be going the Pioneers way until the last couple of minutes. Turnovers down the stretch and shot selection for the Pioneers did not help the situation as time ticked off the clock.
White County claimed a one-point lead with 1:42 to play and Warren County could not keep a handle on the ball in the closing minute of the game. White County JV held on and defeated the Pioneer JV, 45-41.
Saylor Wilson from White County led all scorers in with a game-high 17 points. He connected three times from beyond the arch in the Warrior win.
Out of a timeout White County got the ball inside past the Pioneer defense and claimed the lead after the shot fell through the basket in the fourth, 33-32.
Warren County brought the ball into the front court and it was passed around the perimeter to a wide open Wesley Jennings. Jennings squared up and fired a shot, it was right on target and the Pioneers reclaimed the lead, 35-33.
Sparta went back down the court only to turn the ball back over to the Pioneers. This time the Pioneers got the ball back down the court in a hurry. Jennings was free on the outside and called for the ball. His shot was up and he knocked down his second consecutive 3-pointer and Warren County extended its lead 38-33.
The Warrior offense wasted little time and got the ball back down the floor with no time for the Pioneer defense to get set up. White County put up a shot inside close off the glass and the Warriors trailed 38-35.
The Pioneers fed the ball inside to Lucas Patrick and he collided with the Warrior defender and drew a whistle from the officials. Patrick stepped to the free-throw line and hit 1-of-2 and Warren County led 39-35 with 3:16 to play.
The Warriors were intent on scoring and kept the game close. Kendall Barker for White County got free from the Pioneer defense and he found a wide open 3-pointer from the corner and White County trailed 39-38.
Warren County was rattled and turned the ball over after the offense tried to force a shot that fell short. Sparta was unable to claim the lead and Warren County went back on the attack.
The Pioneers looked inside but were not able to find an opening in the Warrior defense. A shot from outside was off target and Patrick cleaned the offensive glass. He scored on his attempt down low after he put the shot back up and in. Warren County led 41-38.
The Warriors refused to go away quietly and scored again from inside before the defense was set. White County trailed 41-40 with 1:48 to play and Warren County called timeout.
Warren County turned the ball over on the inbound pass and it looked like White County had a clear path to the basket. The open player was tracked down and fouled. Allen Frazier for White County hit 2-of-2 from the free-throw line and claimed the lead, 42-41.
The Pioneers brought the ball up the floor and got trapped in the corner. The Pioneers could not get free and Warren County called for timeout with 1:25 to play.
Out of the timeout, Warren County’s shot was off target and White County rebounded. The Warrior offense headed back down, the shot missed, and the Pioneer defense rebounded the ball. Warren County lost the handle and the ball went back to White County.
Warren County was forced to foul down 42-41 with 17.6 seconds to play. This time Frazier shot 1-of-2 from the charity stripe and the Pioneers trailed 43-41. The second shot missed and Warren County rebounded the ball with 12.8 seconds to play.
Warren County took the ball right at the White County defense and the quick shot was off target. The Pioneers looked for the call on contact and didn’t get it. Sparta inbounded the ball and was fouled immediately. The Warriors knocked down both free throws and went on to win over the Pioneer by a final score of 45-41.
White County led at the end of the low scoring first quarter 7-6. Just seconds into the second quarter, Tyree Ladet got the ball deep in the zone and spun to the left and scored. The Pioneers took the lead momentarily 8-7.
A flurry of deep shots by both teams locked the score at 13-13. Smith and Ladet let it fly from deep beyond the 3-point line and White County responded with its own barrage of 3-point shots. The Warrior offense knocked down four deep 3’s in just before the half. At the break Warren County trailed by one point at 19-18.
In the third quarter McCall Turner went to the rack right at the Warrior defense and was foulded in his efforts. Turner hit 1-of-2 and locked the score at 19-19. Logan Wilson and Jennings connected from behind the arch and the Warren County offense continued to surge.
Warren County outscored White County 14-10 in the third quarter and at the end of three the Pioneers led 32-29.
WARRIOR SCORING – Saylor Wilson 17, Allen Frazier 13, Kendall Barker 9, Josh Smith 2, Malik Murray 2, and Thomas Dalton 2
PIONEER SCORING – Lucas Patrick 9, Wesley Jennings 9, Caleb Newby 8, Tyree Ladet 5, Logan Wilson 4, Ethan Smith 3, Christian Locke 2, McCall Turner 1