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Palombo steps away from Pioneer soccer

Another coaching search has begun at Warren County High School. The Pioneers will be looking for a new leader of the soccer program after August Palombo resigned the position early last week.

Palombo led the Pioneers to five wins this season, more than doubling the team's success after a two-win debut in 2022. After spending the last seven springs with the program (he was an assistant for five seasons before getting the head coaching gig), Palombo was extremely thankful for the opportunity to leave his mark on the program that meant so much to him as an athlete a decade ago.

"I'm honored to have had the chance to lead the program for the last two years," said Palombo. "I'm thankful to Todd Willmore and the administration for giving me this opportunity."

Warren County just recently filled its girls basketball position, hiring Mendy Stotts on May 8. The school is also in search of an athletic director currently.

The next coach will be the fifth coach in the last decade. Willmore had the job for six years before stepping down after the 2014 season. Orion Smith held the job for three years before turning it over to Matt Jackson, who stepped aside in 2021 to pave the way for Palombo.

Palombo took the reins and worked toward getting the Pioneers back on the upward trajectory. Warren County didn't have any breakthrough moments in district this year, but it did start the season with a pair of wins and closed the regular season with an impressive 5-4 victory over DeKalb County, a substate qualifier in 3A, on senior night.

"Coaching is a lot like teaching - you don't get into it for the money. You do it for the chance to try to make a positive impact in kid's lives," said Palombo. "To know that we've helped provide some of these boys with great memories, friendships and opportunities is really all you can ask for at the end of the day."

Coaches interested in the position can apply on the Warren County schools website.