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No Holds Barred
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It’s that time again, the Super Bowl, World Series and World Cup of professional wrestling, all rolled up into one. It’s time for Wrestlemania, this year coming from Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. While I won’t be going (although I intend to go next year when it’s held in Dallas, Texas at AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play) I will be watching on the WWE Network this Sunday since I pay my $9.99 a month to subscribe.As you may have noticed if you read me much, I’m very critical of the booking and direction WWE is taking, especially this year leading into Wrestlemania XXXI. It has been extremely annoying that their three top matches have been built with the competitors barely showing up on TV.For instance, your WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has only been on TV three times since the Royal Rumble to promote his match with Roman Reigns.