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Memory of state championship team lives on
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Nestled away in his mother’s house, Ronny Roberts found an old keepsake which brought back the memories of a great football team from Warren County whose legacy seems but a distant memory now.While sorting through pictures, Roberts came along a shot of the 1928 McMinnville High School football team. The Bulldogs won the state championship 83 years ago and featured players who would go on to become some the best college football stars of the mid-century.Coached by Joseph A. Parks and featuring only 18 players, the 1928 Bulldog squad went 9-0 and beat the Carthage Owls 33-20 for the state championship.Roberts remembers the tales of the 1928 team, one that featured two of his uncles, Auburn and Walter “Babe” Wood. The 1928 team was regarded as one of the best teams in Tennessee after finishing 8-0.