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McCurry leads Lady Wizards
West girl screams.jpg
West Elementary’s Layleigh Mullins pulls down a rebound and looks for help, while Bobby Ray Elementary’s Lakelyn Melson and Maddie Bryant apply defensive pressure.

If you want to have any luck against West Elementary’s girls basketball team, you better find a way to stop Sydney McCurry.

Bobby Ray Elementary couldn’t stop her Tuesday night.

McCurry scored a game-high 20 points, including all eight points for the Lady Wizards in the third quarter, as West captured a 27-10 win at Bobby Ray.

McCurry was a big reason the Lady Wizards established control early. Her height made it difficult for the Lady Stars to defend her in the paint as she scored 10 points in the first half.

Nevaeh Johnson added five points for West as the team combined steady scoring with shut-down defense to build a 15-0 lead at halftime.

Bobby Ray coach Phyllis Boren said she was proud of her young team for fighting back in the second half. She said none of her girls had basketball experience before this season and it’s been a learning process, but her team is making big strides as the season progresses.

Bobby Ray got on the board in the second half behind the scoring of Ella Kesey and Lakelyn Melson. But it wasn’t enough as McCurry continued to score seemingly at will and added 10 second-half points to go with her 10 points in the opening half.


Sydney McCurry 20, Nevaeh Johnson 7


Ella Kesey 6, Lakelyn Melson 4