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Lady Pioneers back on track
WCHS girls beat DeKalb
Tuesday night was White Out Night at Charlie Dalton Gym with the Warren County Pioneers facing off against the DeKalb County Tigers. The students brought toilet paper to throw after the first made basket by the home team during the boys game.

After a red hot start for the Lady Pioneers, they have hit a skid after their first loss of the season to Cannon County, leaving Warren County fans wondering when they would get their season back on track.
This question was answered Tuesday night when the DeKalb County Lady Tigers made the trip to Warren County’s Charlie Dalton Gym. The Lady Pioneers let the offense loose in the second quarter on the way to a 42-31 victory.
Brittany Myers must have heard that old saying “It’s not where you start. It’s where you finish” because she went blank in the first quarter, but opened up in the fourth for eight points. Myers would be the leading scorer for the Lady Pioneers with 13 total points.
It was the beginning of the fourth quarter and the Lady Tigers had fought their way back to within five points after a huge defensive stand in the third. Getting off to a sketchy start in the fourth with a couple of unforced turnovers, the Lady Tigers would not be able to convert the turnovers into points.
Warren County was able to maintain its five-point lead as the Lady Tigers were trying to rely on their 3-point shooting to get them back in the lead. Unable to connect on a 3-pointer, DeKalb was able to gather the loose ball and pick up a foul off the Lady Pioneers.
DeKalb calls for time after not being able to get the ball inbounds, and the Warren County fans let the Lady Pioneers know their approval of the defense stepping up.
With under a minute to play and tensions already running high, the Lady Tigers were trying to steal the ball, but were hit with a foul. DeKalb County’s coach didn’t agree with the call and was hit with a technical foul after strongly voicing his opinion over the call, sending Warren County fans into a frenzy.
It would be Lady Pioneer Brittany Myers who would step to the line and bury four consecutive free throws, giving Warren County the possession off the technical foul. It would be this sequence of events that would put the game out of reach for the Lady Tigers as time ran out, giving Warren County the win over the Lady Tigers by a score of 42-31.
In the first half, it was mostly the Lady Tigers on the offensive end for most of the first quarter. DeKalb County would jump out early on the Lady Pioneers and have Warren County down 10-6 after one period.
Coach Shea Panter must have said exactly what was needed to motivate her team and turn the Lady Pioneer offense around. Karagan Turner and Marlee Smith combined for 13 of the 17 points in the second quarter, joining forces to create enough offense to take over the lead and pull away to a 23-15 lead at the half.
With defense on the minds of Lady Tigers, they knew it would be a tough test to try and stop the offense of the Lady Pioneers they had just unleashed the previous quarter. And defense would do it for the Lady Tigers in the third. Stepping up to the challenge from coach Cope, the Lady Tigers would all but stifle the Lady Pioneer offense allowing them to score only six points in the third quarter.
It was Saydee Winfree for the Lady Pioneers that would keep the offense going by connecting on a 3-point shot and Brittany Myers would pick up an and-one situation where she would convert a 3-point play.
The Lady Pioneers head into district play tonight against Cumberland County. That game will be played in Crossville.

Lady Pioneer scoring - Brittany Myers 13, Karagan Turner 9, Marlee Smith 7, Saydee Winfree 4, Kristen Rowland 4, Madison Mason 3, Allison Hitchcock 2.
Lady Tigers top scorers - Maggie Knowles 10, Ashlie Chew 10, Morgan Pedigo 6.