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Kidd Ford donates to football team
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The Warren County High School Pioneer football program got a big boost financially by local community members who gave up 10 minutes of their time test driving vehicles at Kidd Ford Automotives.
The Kidd Ford Drive One 4 UR School promotion worked out wonderfully for the Pioneers, as Kidd Ford owner Terry Kidd recently presented a $5,600 donation to the football team.
The promotion promised $20 to the Pioneers for every person who test drove a vehicle on a Saturday in September. Nearly 300 community members showed up and gave just a few minutes of their time to help the Pioneers raise $5,600.
Kidd was glad his business, teaming with Ford Motor company, could be a part of helping raise money for the Warren County football program.
“Kidd Ford has been able to donate $40,000 to the Warren County school system and athletics since we’ve started doing the test drive fundraisers,” said Kidd. “We’ve done these events for the soccer programs, softball team, Families in Crisis and Project Graduation.
“It is all made possible the local community, who took their time to come out and drive a vehicle.”
Kidd hopes the partnership with the football program, and the Warren County School System, can continue in the future.
“We’re happy to help the football program, especially knowing budgets are tight,” said Kidd. “We pledge our support to the local teams and always encourage the local community to continue to shop locally so businesses can continue to help.”