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Juicy's advances
A-Plus Fasteners Corban Felton holds Juicys Wellness Cafs runner Jonas Bailey on base during Mondays matchup.
Round one of tournament action began Monday with two games for boys baseball in the 9-11 youth league. The last age group to play for a title – all other youth league groups have already wrapped up for the year – Juicy’s Wellness Café took on A-Plus Fasteners in game two to see who would have the honor to play Bob Young’s Nursery in round two.As it turned out in the tight tournament game, Juicy’s took a 3-2 win, sending A-Plus into the loser’s bracket, still alive in the tournament, as it’s a double-elimination format.Both teams stayed tied at 1 run each until the fourth inning with runs in the first by Corban Felton for A-Plus and Brayan Holguin for Juicy’s.Juicy’s went on to stage a mini-rally with 2 runs in the fourth for a 3-1 lead.A-Plus had one more shot in the fifth, and Felton scored another run, but A-Plus Fasteners couldn’t push the tying run across the plate, falling 1 run short.Juicy’s played the No. 2 seeded team, Bob Young’s Nursery on Tuesday night, to see who would continue in the top of the bracket.