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Halloween Hustle 5K a hit
Standard advertising director Jeff Simmons checks runner Jorge A. Vazquez off as he crosses the finish line in the Halloween Hustle held Saturday.

The spooky spectacular second annual Southern Standard Halloween Hustle 5K went off without a hitch Saturday as runners lined up for cooler running weather, albeit they had to limber up a little longer first.
Local resident Matthew Bratcher, 22, was the overall run winner with a finish time of 19:39.
Bratcher was texting his wife while running the course telling her he was just about finished, and just about frozen.
“It was very cold, but well worth it,” said Bratcher. The second-place time was posted by 15-year-old Drake Stubblefield, and third place went to Walt Jones, 11, with a time of 23:45.
A Halloween costume contest added a fun aspect to the day, with Eastside School basketball representatives Dallis Melton, Sable Winfree, Savannah Winfree, Emma Cordell and Easton West running and claiming the group award.
Makenzie Haile, Paige Northcutt, Dara Stubblefield, Evelyn Younglove, Ron Horton and Linda Holder also won costume awards.
“We are only in our second year running this race,” said Southern Standard circulation director and race coordinator Dale Stubblefield. “We’re working to build awareness and feel it will constantly improve each year as we become established.”
The race already has credibility for runners as the course is certified and can be used to qualify for other events which keep track of completion times.  

Race Results

20-29 Male Overall Winner
Matthew Bratcher                  19:39
15-19 Male Winner
Drake Stubblefield                    22:12
11-14 Male winner
Walt Jones                               23:45
20-29 Male
Jorge A. Vazquez                     24:55
40-49 Female Winner
Paige Northcutt                      27:25
10- under Female Winner
Makenzie Haile                    27:25
11-14 Male
Jorge A. Vazquez Jr.                28:00
11 Female winner
Sable Winfree                          30:32
50-59 Male Winner
Jim Carden                                 31:14
12  Female  Winner
Savannah Winfree                   33:19
60-69 Female Winner
Donna Dunlap                           34:20
40-49 Male winner
Scott Hertwig                               35:25
11 Female
Dallis Melton                                 40:25
12 Female
Emma Cordell                                 42:46
70 Female Winner
Linda Holder                                    43:00
10-under Male
Easton West                                                         43:04
5K Walker Winner
Leslie Hayes                                                            43:24
5K Walker Winner
Rick Hayes                                                                43:24
60-69 Male Winner
Ron Horton                                                                      46:59
 50-59 1-mile walker                             
Gary Manchester                            17.46
60 up  1-mile walker                            
Molly Mann                            17.46
60 up 1-mile walker
Evelyn Younglove                   14.25