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Five questions with WCHS senior Jaden Smartt
Jaden Smartt 6-3.jpg
Jaden Smartt

The Southern Standard caught up with two-sport athlete Jaden Smartt earlier this week. Smartt plays soccer and basketball, both of which are having conditioning on the same days in June. Smartt is a returning starter in both sports, and she shared some of her thoughts and excitement about the new teams for 2021-22.

SOUTHERN STANDARD: When do your practices start?

Jaden Smartt: Soccer starts next Tuesday. Basketball started today (Tuesday).

STANDARD: How is your knee?

Jaden: It is better. It is a partially torn ACL, and I am letting it heal (instead of surgery).

STANDARD: How is it playing two sports?

Jaden: It is tough in June because I will be practicing soccer in the morning and basketball in the afternoon. Soccer is 8 to 10 a.m. and basketball is 3 to 5 p.m.

STANDARD: I know this may be an unfair question, but which sport do you like the best?

Jaden: I cannot pick a favorite. I like them both.

STANDARD: How do you feel about the teams this year?

Jaden: I am excited about basketball. We have three seniors: Sydney Burger; Rudy DeArmond and myself. We will go to a camp at MTSU. The new district doesn’t change anything for me. We will play and try to win. I will be working on becoming more aggressive with my offense, scoring more. Working on my post moves.

I am a forward, a striker in soccer. I am confident that we will have a good season.