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Dibrell gets by Eastside
dibrell elrodWEB
Bulldog defender Christian Rogers attempts to keep Wildcat Nathan Elrod from driving the baseline. Elrod scored 14 points with his aggressive style of offense.

The Eastside Bulldogs went nose-to-nose with the Dibrell Wildcats for the second time in as many weeks. The Bulldogs had a better start Thursday night, but the result was the same. Dibrell defeated Eastside, 43-20.
Aaron Ashburn led the offense for Dibrell and scored a game-high 15 points in front of the Wildcat home crowd.
This second meeting between these two teams had a slightly different start in the first quarter. Eastside made the necessary adjustments and outscored the Wildcats in the opening period. Everyone knows the Wildcats strategy -- outrun your opponents and beat them down the floor.
In the opening period, Eastside slowed the tempo and set up its half-court offense. Crisp passes made around the perimeter stretched the Wildcat defense that led to open lanes to the basket. When the defense collapsed, the Bulldogs rotated the ball for a better shot selection.
Caden Beaty scored all four of his points in the opening period. Darren Earls stepped back beyond the 3-point line and hit the bottom of the net for the first three of his eight points.
Dibrell was caught by surprise and even though the Wildcats tried to push the pace, Eastside simply had no part of it in the first quarter.
In the first quarter for Dibrell it was Hagen Stewart who was left open and found ways to score to keep the Wildcats in the game. Stewart scored four of his six in the first.
At the end of the first, the Bulldogs had jumped into the lead, 11-9.
The second quarter was underway and despite trying to keep the tempo to a minimum the Wildcats found ways to push it. Nathan Elrod showed his speed and got back down the floor after the Wildcat defense forced the Bulldogs into bad decisions. Elrod dropped six of his 14 in the second.
Aaron Ashburn played big in the second quarter for Dibrell. He crashed the offensive boards and had several trips underneath the basket with multiple shots. Ashburn and Elrod gave the Bulldog defense fits just before the half.
Despite trying to avoid it, Eastside got sucked into the running game of the Wildcats. Dibrell scored quick baskets, most of which were in transition. By the end of the second quarter, Dibrell had clawed its way into the lead for good, 21-15.
The Bulldogs were gassed in the second half and made bad decisions with the ball while Dibrell capitalized on the mistakes. The Wildcat defense stepped up and held the Bulldogs to only a single point in the third by Darren Earls.
Ashburn led the offensive surge in the second half and unloaded seven points. Matthew Young scored his only two points in the third also. Dibrell led 35-16 at the end of three.
The fourth quarter the two teams emptied out the benches and Drathan Dixon for Dibrell scored his only basket of the game before time expired. On the other side, Easton West for Eastside scored two points before the final buzzer sounded.
The Wildcats overcame the Bulldogs’ attempt to keep them contained and defeated Eastside by a final score of 43-20.
WILDCAT SCORING – Aaron Ashburn 15, Nathan Elrod 14, Hagen Stewart 6, Cameron Chilcutt 4, Matthew Young 2, Drathon Dixon 2
BULLDOG SCORING – Darren Earls 8, Caden Beaty 4, Christian Rogers 2, Treyton Terry 2, Evan Watts 2, Easton West 2