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Custom Collision withdraws win from U.S. Bank
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Custom Collision managed to stay out in front of U.S. Bank as they cashed in enough runs to win Thursday’s ballgame on Hoover-Millraney Field, 11-8.
In continuing boys 6-8 years age group action, Custom Collision fixed themselves up to win with a 5-run fourth inning as Chris Tubb, Cason Davis, Kaden Jones, Berkley Black and Ryan Bell all crossed home for an 11-5 lead.
Kipton Medley, Ledger Higgins and Conner McCormick all deposited runs for U. S. Bank in the bottom of the inning, hoping to overcome the deficit, but after four it was 11-8.
The bank held Custom Collision to a zero sum in the top of the fifth, but came up short after garnering 1 run by Owen McGee.
In early game play, U.S. Bank jumped to a 2-run lead in the top of the first when Medley and Jacob Rybak both scored. Custom Collision answered in the bottom of the inning as Tubb, Davis and Jones made it a 3-2 ballgame.
Custom Collison’s Black scored in the second and Davis and Jones added 2 more in the third.
Ryback, Aiden Rigsby and McGee scored runs for U.S. Bank in the fourth.