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Covenant Tennis
Daniel Nuthalopaty.jpg
Daniel Nuthalopaty and the Covenant Lions split a pair of matchups recently. Nuthalopaty was a singles winner in the team's matchups against White County.

White County def. Covenant, 4-3

David Netherton def. Seth McCormick, 8-0

Austin Burchett def. Jackson Sauer, 9-8

Daniel Nuthalopaty def. Max Bouldin, 8-5

Aaron White def. Neal Patel, 8-6

Jake Colwell def. Conner Wilson, 8-2

Netherton/Sauer def. McCormick/Burchett, 8-4

Boulding/Colwell def. Nuthalopaty/Patel, 8-6

Covenant def. Van Buren Co., 3-2

David Netherton def. Alex Cope, 6-2

Jackson Sauer def. Chas Moffitt, 7-5

Netherton/Sauer def. Cope/Moffitt, 6-1

Cope/Moffitt def. Nuthalopaty/Wilson, 6-1

Cope/Moffitt def. Netherton/Patel, 6-4

Van Buren Co. def Lady Lions, 8-1

Lita Gossett def. Reonna Pennington, 7-6

Katie Moffitt def. Brandy Pennington, 6-3

Lilly Powell def. Lydia Netherton, 7-5

Jalen Baker def. Leslie Vinson, 7-5

Lily Kell def. Caitlin Brewer, 6-0

Caitlin Brewer def. Olivia Ward, 6-4

Gossett/Moffitt def. R. Pennington/Netherton, 6-2

Powell/Baker def. Emma Randall/Sarah Sharpe, 6-0

Powell/Baker def. R. Pennington/Kell, 6-1

Next game: Monday, March 8 at Dayspring, 5:30 p.m.

Covenant players in BOLD