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Comeback kids
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TN Credit and Randall Walker Farms locked horns Tuesday evening in a contest that could very easily have gone either way at the Civic Center. A huge first inning for TN Credit allowed them to hold an early lead, but Randall Walker Farms clawed its way back into the lead only to fall behind on defense and TN Credit pulled the come-from-behind win, 10-7.
In the top of the first, TN Credit led the inning off with Conner Nunley getting hit by a pitch. After that J.J. Jacobs, Caylon Driver, Baler Melton, Matthew Key, and Dayton Jernigan all reached base by walk. Wild pitches and numerous walks accounted for the TN Credit offense. Arick Murphy and Andrew Miller also reached first base before the final out was made, and TN Credit had a 6-0 lead after its first trip to the plate.
For Randall Walker Farms, Devin Martin and Riley Morton reached base and quickly made the round trip across the infield after a sacrifice bunt laid down by Alex VanVuuren. Two strikeouts ensued and TN Credit held a 6-2 lead.
In the top of second, J.J. Jacobs and Caylon Driver both trotted down to first base after a walk. Baler Melton put the ball in play and runs started to cross for the second straight inning. Key drew his second walk of the game and TN Credit was on the move. After a fly ball for out one, Parker Smith walked as well. And following a pattern from the first inning, TN Credit added to its run total and after the final out of the inning the lead had grown to 9-2.
Randall Walker Farms had a far better second inning after starting the inning with a strikeout. Three consecutive walks by Robert Young, Cooper McGinnis, and Alex Talent loaded the bases rather quickly. Justin Melton put the ball into play and Young and McGinnis crossed the plate and made it a 9-4 ballgame. Back to the top of the order, Martin walked down to first base. Out two came off a strikeout followed by a walk from Cameron Perry. Base hits by VanVuuren and Talan Mullican brought more runs across for Randal Walker Farms. Perry was caught at home for the final out of the inning, 9-7.
Up by two in the top of the third, TN Credit led the inning off with back-to-back strikeouts and even after that managed to get Jacobs around the bases before the final out came on another strikeout, the third of the inning. TN Credit led 10-7 after three.
Randall Walker Farms was down to its final at-bat. They started the inning off with a strikeout followed by a walk by Young. Young made it all the way around to third base, but a strikeout and a sacrifice bunt went for outs two and three to end the game. TN Credit defeated Randall Walker Farms by a final score of 10-7.