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Civic Center league scores 5-27-15
Matthew Colangione flies to first following a hit. Southern Standard rallied to beat Randall Walker Farms 7-5 Tuesday.
Boys 7-8 league Morrison Tool & Die 10Bob Young's Nursery 7 MT hitting - Isaac Jones 3H, Conner Andrews 3H, Lukas Bernhardt 2H, Hayven Jones 2H, Andrew Diaz 2H, Cash Livesay 2H, Alex Smith HBY hitting - Woogs Bryan 3H, inside-the-park HR, Lucas Young 2H, Carter Simpson 2H, Syler Simmons H, Sawyer Stanton H, Aiden Young H Brent's Computers 11Platinum Roofing 7 BC hitting - Casen Youngblood 2H, two inside-the-park HRs, Corban Felton 2H, inside-the-park HR, T-Bone Adams 2H, inside-the-park HR, Jaylen Adams 2H, Braden Higgins inside-the-park HR, Braylen Moore H, Lake Sadlen H, Matthew Crim H, Ethan Kisamore HPR hitting - Noah Bain 2H, inside-the-park HR, Jathan Baker 2H, Luke Judkins 2H, Tyler Self 2H, John Gillespie H Boys 9-10 league Southern Standard 7R. Walker Farms 5 SS hitting - Chase Newby H, Matthew Colangione H, Leo Castenado H, Peyton Adams HRW hitting - Riley Morton 2H, Dominique Kirby 2H, Kilyan King 2H, Robert Young H, Jalan Mullican H, Devin Martin H Fully Loaded 12TN Credit 5 FL hitting - Collin Panter 3H, Seth Cruse 3H, Jake Rains 2H, Luke Campbell 2H, Kyler Robinson 2H, Taylor Hillis 2H, Aiden Miller H, Chris Veach H, Jaxsyn Patterson H TC hitting - Matthew Key 2H, Dayton Jernigan 2H, Caylon Driver H, Baler Melton H Boys 11-12 league Gary Steele Karate 8Game Xchange 5 GS hitting - Jason Brewer 3H, Jake Jones 2H, Will Wrisner 2H, Rance McBride 2H, Cullen Lopez 2H, Jalen Mart HGX hitting - John Garrett 2H, Bryson Elrod 2H, Chance Hunter H, Jathan Cagle H, Taylor Smith H Custom Collision 11Foust Construction 2 CC hitting - Jared Scruggs 2H, Sean Cope 2H, Hayden Lytle H, Bryan Bynum H, Dysen McBride H, Eathan Moore HFC hitting - Raliegh Gilliam H, True Craven H