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City to honor tennis supporters with courts
Tennis courts.jpg
David Dunlap and his grandson, Jackson, will be honored June 20 with a dedication ceremony at the outdoor tennis courts at McMinnville Civic Center. While the complex will be named for David, one of the four courts will be named for Jackson. McMinnville officials are considering individuals to recognize with the remaining courts.

McMinnville officials are seeking to honor or remember individuals who have made a significant contribution to tennis. 

On June 20 at 12 p.m., the outdoor tennis complex will be named after one such individual, David Dunlap. One of the four courts will be named after his grandson, Jackson. Three courts remain unnamed.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen is open to suggestions.

“If anyone knows of an individual who has made significant contributions to the sport of tennis in McMinnville, they can contact an alderman and make that recommendation,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “We’ll consider anyone who has given to the sport in a meaningful way. Please don’t just submit a name. Please provide details of the contributions.” 

Nominations can be posthumous.

“I’m sure there were historical aspects of people getting together and working toward establishing the sport of tennis here,” said Newman. “We want to consider those individuals as well. Anyone who worked tirelessly to establish tennis or to offer programs as a way to advance the sport.” 

There is no rush to name all three remaining courts.

“I think we’ll probably name the courts over time,” said Newman. “Not all at once. Someday we’ll have someone who leaves here and goes pro in the name of tennis. It would be nice to have a tennis court to name after that individual, like we did some of the baseball fields. Or, we could have someone who takes the baton from David and works tirelessly, as he has, to advance the sport locally. If that happens, we could honor that person as well.” 

Proposed individuals, and their contributions to the sport of tennis in McMinnville, will be considered during the next regular session of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on June 9.