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Campers grapple with wrestling lessons
Organizers seek to grow sport in Warren County
Blaze Pezzimenti, left, gets a helping hand from longtime Warren County wrestling booster club organizer Tom Cathcart, who was one of the volunteers teaching wrestling to kids 5-17 this week.

“Stance, stance, stance and watch your feet,” said County Pride wrestling team coach David Holcomb to a group of 35 students ages 5-17. “That’s twice what we had last year and it’s a really good sign wrestling can make a comeback in Warren County with the right feeder programs and organization.”
It’s not just for boys either as girls wrestling programs have begun to make appearances in more and more schools and are an Olympic sport. According to Holcomb, Wilson Central is a school where they have developed their youth program in the past and now have 6-7 graduates competing in college-level wrestling programs.
The Pioneer wrestling camp is such an endeavor for coach Holcomb, along with other local school coaches and boosters like coach Ben Matheny, Tom Cathcart and Joe Damon, who believe they can make a difference.
At the high school level, wrestling participation has dwindled significantly, even with top-notch wrestlers who go to state championships like Hollie Yokley who participated in the state tournament. A successful feeder program can help keep students who enjoy wrestling on a path where there are other options for scholarships.
“We want to thank the United Steelworkers Local 1155 for allowing us the use of their facility for the camp,” Holcomb said. “It gave 35 kids a great opportunity.”
According to Holcomb, he tried to use the facilities at the high school but didn’t have much luck getting accommodations.
Wrestling camp was held June 14-17 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at 180 Arch Cope Road in Morrison. Each participant received a T-shirt and any remaining proceeds will be given to Warren County Pride Wrestling team. This is the second year of the program here in Warren County.