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Boyd, Covenant make a racket
drew and cj.jpg
Covenant’s Drew Peterson hits the ball back to Boyd in hopes of hitting it out of the Bronco’s reach in tennis action on Monday in Westwood. - photo by Taylor Moore

Boyd Christian School and Covenant Academy continue their rivalry going into the spring with their relatively new tennis teams. They played together against Shelbyville for their first match last week, but on Monday, their middle school teams played each other in an exhibition contest.

Boyd and Covenant both lost their matches at Shelbyville, but Boyd coach Tim Akers said they played great and were excited to get out there.

This is Covenant’s third year with a tennis team, but last year was cut short. Coach Sarah Netherton said the schools combined their teams against Shelbyville to gain experience. With only one boy on the middle school team, Covenant has to play in exhibition matches unless the Lions combine with another school.

Coach Akers said this is technically Boyd’s second year with a tennis t+eam, but the Broncos didn’t play at all last year due to COVID. So this is the first year the Broncos have taken to the court. Akers said, “They’ve been practicing and they’re excited to play.” 

Two matches were being played simultaneously with Boyd’s Clay Akers facing Covenant’s Drew Peterson and Boyd’s Cydney Jane Perry playing Covenant’s Abigail Netherton.

Boyd only has a middle school team, but has eight matches lined up for this season. Covenant has a high school team that is scheduled to play the Warren County High School tennis team in April.

With this being the first year they’ve been able to play each other in tennis, Boyd and Covenant are ready to not only face each other, but work together as well.