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Bowling Report 6-16
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Gold and Silver League
Bowling is a crazy game. Any of you who have ever bowled in a league will no doubt know what I’m talking about.
Have you ever had one of those special times when everything seems to be going great? You’re bowling better than you have in weeks, just can’t miss, and guess what? You get beat!
Next time you come in you have all kinds of problems, nothing seems to go right, you bowl really bad and still win. It’s a crazy game, really hard to figure. So just relax, have fun and tell yourself, one of these days.

Week Six Team Standings
Citizens Tri-County Bank 29
Woodbury Bunch 27.5
Foster & Foster Realty  27.5
Brent’s Computer Center 25
Homeland Community Bank   21.5
The Green Machine 21
Warren County Nursery 19.5
KP’s McMinnville Lanes 18
Dr Pepper Bottling Co 18
B&G Supply Co 17
First National Bank 15
Donald Hillis Realty 13
Ladies’ Division
Colleen Eslick 438 161
Mary Ray 430 175
Linda Newby 430 147
Betty Toler 427 159
Linda Farley 419 172  
Men’s Division

Tony Spinella 579 203
Jim Alter 577 225
Bruce Smith 574 226
Wayne Tibbetts 538 186
Richard Duff 533 190
Mike McMurray 533 212
Ben Lomand Connect Big-Time Game Winners
Mary Ray
Jim Alter