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Bowling Report 6-11
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Gold and Silver League
Think you have to be a good bowler to be in a league? Wrong.  
Recently we’ve started several new bowlers who had little or no bowling experience. I’m thinking of two ladies who joined our league a few weeks ago. One has a  daughter who encouraged her to try, the other to satisfy her husband.
Both struggled the first few games, but soon began scoring bigger games. They watched other bowlers and were open to tips from their teammates. Today one of them rolled a 168 game. The other had a 139 game and a 393 series. Not bad for a couple gals who didn’t start bowling until they were 60 something years young.

Week 5 Team Standings
Citizens Tri-County Bank  26
Woodbury Bunch  25.5
Foster & Foster Realty   20.5
Brent’s Computer Center  20
Homeland Community Bank    17.5
B&G Supply Co  17
The Green Machine  16
Dr Pepper Bottling Co  15
KP’s McMinnville Lanes  14
Donald Hillis Realty  13
First National Bank  13
Warren County Nursery  12.5
Ladies’ Division
Linda Farley 514 201
Betty Toler 481 181
Linda Newby 476 162
Jane Olsen 452 179
Colleen Eslick 440 155
Men’s Division
Tony Spinella 606 232
Bill Jones 600 232
William Toler 575 215
Tony Roberts     560 220
David Greene 543 206
Ben Lomand Connect Big-Time Game Winners
Jane Olsen
Buck Thompson