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Bowling Report 3-24
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Gold and Silver League
Tuesday was Corny Bowling Day. We often have little extra activities on bowling days where you might be rewarded for good bowling, but this was the first time ever you could be a winner for bowling corny. Bowling bad is not much fun but it happens to all of us and when it does it’s probably best to just make light of it.
In Gold and Silver, we have a few really good bowlers, a few really bad bowlers, and all in between. We for sure have some of the best people in the world. Our league is all about having a good time and we’re all equally good when it comes to having fun. You might want to check us out. Summer league begins May 9.

Week 29 Team Standings
Brent’s Computer Center       126
B&G Supply                         120
Foster & Foster                      114
KP’s McMinnville Lanes         113
Woodbury Bunch                    108
The Green Machine                103.5
Warren County Nursery 100
Best Western Tree City Inn     100
Donald Hillis Realty 98.5
First National Bank 97                                                                                                                                        
Homeland Community Bank 95
Dr Pepper 93
Citizens Tri-County Bank 92
Ladies’ Division
Judy Argo                     527       191
Linda Farley                 507       188
Jane Olsen                   491       173
Jan Foster                    475        175
Lou Nichols                   471       168
Men’s Division
Tony Spinella             604      205
Doc Jones                  579      201
Tony Roberts              573     215
Elvis Wood                  568     213
John Nichols               558     206
Ben Lomand Connect Big-Time Game Winner
Judy Argo
Buck Thompson