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Ben Lomand can't repel Middle Tennessee Radiology
Braylon Burch of Middle Tennessee Radiology makes a throw to first Friday in the 6-9 boys youth league division as they wind down the season for tournament play.
Middle Tennessee Radiology disrupted Ben Lomand Connect’s game plan Friday, as they radiated runs in the sun on Hoover-Millraney Field for an 11-5 victory in boys 6-8 season play.Braylon Burch put the radiology team on the board early with 1 run in the top of the first.Ben Lomand came back in the bottom of the inning as Huck Damon and John Brock put the telephone crew ahead by both scoring runs in the bottom of the inning, 2-1.The second inning went well for Middle Tennessee as Burch, Ryder Gillespie and Breston McAbee crossed home for a 4-2 lead.Keeping pressure on Ben Lomand, the Middle Tennessee Radiology D shut down the high-speed internet boys in the second, and rallied on the offensive side in the third with 4 more runs by Burch, Brentley Jones, Gillespie and McAbee for an 8-2 jump start.Ben Lomand’s signal strength kicked in as it rallied in the bottom of the third, answering back as Eastlan Green, Damon and Brock scored 3 runs, but Ben Lomand was still looking at an 8-5 deficit.Three more runs in the fourth were enough to finish the game, as Middle Tennessee Radiology’s Jones, Gillespie and McAbee tallied enough to finish it.