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Basketball all in the family for Mia Hobbs
mia hobbs in action.jpg
Mia Hobbs is shown driving to the basket against Lawrence County in the Sonic Shootout.
mia hobbs

Warren County basketball starter Mia Hobbs has proven to be a helpful teammate for the Lady Pioneers with her great defensive skills. Hobbs started playing ball when she was 5 years old to no surprise as basketball "runs in her blood" as she says.

“My whole family played,” she said, including her brother Chance Hobbs who graduated in 2018 and started for the Pioneers. She saw her brother playing basketball when she was young and wanted to play herself.

Her grandmother, Bernadette Womack Morris, was also a star defender for the Lady Pioneers in the 1970s. Hobbs said her paternal grandmother may be her only family member who didn’t play basketball.

Hobbs said she didn’t feel pressure to play. “I always wanted to play, but there is a standard to live up to.” 

Now a junior, Hobbs has been a starter since her sophomore year and said, “I just knew I had to live up to the expectations.” She added, “It feels good to know that my hard work paid off.”

When asked if she prefers offense or defense, she easily prefers defense. “I feel like you can be more aggressive and physical on defense.” 

Hobbs said defense and rebounding are strengths of hers and added that defense is also a team strength for the Lady Pioneers.

The Warren County girls are off to a 17-3 start, which included a 12-game winning streak.

In regard to the rest of the basketball season, Hobbs said, “I think we can do good things. We’re playing well together as a team, and we need to continue that.” 

Her favorite times with the Lady Pioneers are actually not on the court. 

She said, “I love all the moments before the games, in the locker room. It’s the little things that I love.”

Hobbs may be a force on the basketball court, but she has also risen to a top volleyball player for Warren County. After attending a volleyball camp in seventh grade, she chose to continue with it. She doesn’t have a preference for either sport saying, “In basketball season, I’m all in for basketball. And in volleyball season, I’m all in for volleyball.”

“I’ll see how it goes next year,” she said about playing basketball or volleyball in college. “I’d like to play either, but it’s whatever is in God’s plan.” 

Hobbs continues to be a strong athlete for the Lady Pioneer basketball team with great defensive skills. Midway through her junior year, it’s no question that she has made her own name for herself in Warren County sports history alongside her family members.